World Handicap System


The vision of the new World Handicap System is to unify the six different handicap systems used around the world into one, universal system.

The new system, which was introduced in 2020, will enable players around the world to compete on fair ground, in any format, on any course, without sacrificing accuracy.

As the system was adopted by all of the existing handicapping authorities and other National Associations, this collaboration will ensure the system is suitable to all golfing cultures.

When adapted, the WHS will be governed by the USGA and The R&A and administered by national and multinational associations around the world. The WHS will encompass both the Rules of Handicapping and the Course Rating System (formerly known as the USGA Course Rating and Slope System).

WHS Resources

Continuing Education

For Golfers / AGA Members

In an effort to provide a resource that may be utilized for local club member/golfer education, the USGA has produced a club-based educational PowerPoint deck that highlights the most significant WHS system changes.

This presentation is anticipated to be approximately 45 minutes in length. Please download and utilize it at your discretion at the local level and forward any questions that arise to AGA Staff Member, Derek McKenzie.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (602)-944-3035

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Club Administrators & Facility Staff

WHS Club Certification- 2020 World Handicap System (WHS) club compliance policy dictates that at least (1) representative from every licensed handicap roster participate in a WHS Certification Seminar and pass a 20-questions quiz for the affiliated roster to be in WHS compliance. The deadline to accomplish this requirement is June 30th, 2020. Certification will be offered in two formats moving forward, each covering all the standard elements included in the new WHS Rules of Handicapping:

  • Online – We are pleased to announce that an online self-guided WHS certification seminar is now available. This seminar consists of (4) video segments followed by a 20-question quiz. Please use or forward the following link to access this seminar option:

  • Access WHS Certification Seminar

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