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2020 Policy for Women’s Competitions

The following information applies to all Women’s tournaments. For tournament information, please contact the Tournament Department at:

(602) 944-3035 | [email protected] | azgolf.org

The Tournament Committee is the body that establishes these Conditions of Competition. The Tournament Committee will appoint qualified Tournament and Rules Officials to implement these conditions for specific tournaments. The Committee in Charge of each competition will include the appointed officials in addition to the Director of Tournaments and Player Development. For each specific tournament a Rules Official in Charge will have been named, who will decide all rules questions, with the advice of the Committee in Charge of that specific tournament.

All competitions are conducted in accordance with this Policy, Rules of Golf, The USGA Handicap System Manual (section 9), Local Rules and Conditions, Notice to Players and any information sent to players that is published for each tournament and are governed by the tournament procedures established by the Tournament Committee.

The AGA Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter any of the conditions and schedules herein.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to cancel any given tournament at any time. Any tournament with fewer than 40 entries is subject to cancellation.

Tournament Regulations table of contents

A General Conditions of Competition Explanation


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Player Responsibilities
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Methods of Entering a Competition
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Entry Acceptance Method
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OTHER TOURNAMENT POLICIES (Champion definition, tie breakers, flights, prizes and Pace of Play) Read More


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