General Conditions of Competition

Tournaments are open to female (the USGA transgender policy applies) amateur golfers who:

  1. Are AGA members in good standing. An amateur golfer who is not a member of the AGA may enter a tournament for an additional fee of $50 only if the field is not full. This fee applies for each tournament entered.
  2. Are 14 years of age or older. If between the ages of 14 and 17, they must have a handicap index of 12.0 or less.
  3. Have a USGA 18-hole Handicap Index verifiable by the Director of Tournaments no greater than a 36.0. Some tournaments have exceptions: Mixed Stix and Weekend Classic (Men’s maximum is 27.0), State Seniors (maximum is 40.4), and State Medallion Club Team (maximum is 40.4 for 18 holes and 20.2 for 9 holes).
  4. The Seniors Championship is open to senior amateur golfers only (age 50 and older as of the first day of the event).
  5. Three tournaments (Weekend Classic, Mixed Stix and Holiday Mixer) are open to male amateur golfers.

The Handicap Index in effect five (5) business days prior to the tournament shall be used throughout the tournament.

  1. Each player is responsible for knowing the Rules and conditions under which the tournament is to be played.
  2. Each player is responsible for reading the AGA Player Code of Conduct and understands that any player who exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct may be subject to censure, suspension or revocation of the privilege of playing AGA events (Rules of Golf – Rule I.2 – Stand of Player Conduct).
  3. Appropriate golf attire and footwear is required (e.g., no short shorts, blue jeans, midriffs, tank tops or halters).
  4. If registration is required, date and time will be published prior to the tournament and all entrants will be expected to register.
  5. A player who withdraws during a tournament prior to its completion must fill out a form supplied by the AGA stating the reason(s) for withdrawing.
  6. A competitor who fails to complete a tournament without a reason deemed valid by the Tournament Committee may be ineligible to participate in any tournament for a period of up to one year.
  7. In the event a player is disqualified or withdraws during a tournament, she may not remain in the field as a non-competing participant without specific authorization from the Committee in Charge of the competition, which will be considered only on the basis of special circumstances.
  8. The player is responsible for an accurate handicap. In accordance with Section 9 of The USGA Handicap System Manual, the Committee reserves the right to adjust handicaps.

The format, entry fees, maximum field size, tournament dates and location, and other pertinent information will be published in the Tournament Fact Sheet distributed to member clubs and on the AGA website prior to the opening date of entries.

  1. Opening date for entries: Six weeks prior to first day of a tournament.
  2. Closing date for entries: Two weeks prior to first day of a tournament. If the tournament is not filled, the original closing date may be extended at the discretion of the Director of Tournaments.
  3. Entrants must complete an online application through the AGA website. Entries completed online imply a signature has been received. All applications not completed online must be signed by the entrant. For team events, a signature by one partner is deemed to represent signatures of both partners, for entry application only.
  4. Applications not completed online must be sent to the AGA office, 7600 E. Redfield Road, Suite 130, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.
  5. Entries must be submitted online only, on or after the opening date. Online entriesmust be completed before the close of business on the closing date. Late entries may be accepted with the approval of the Director of Tournaments, if the field is not filled
  6. Exemptions into tournaments shall be granted up to the closing date. Exemptions apply only to the criteria which determine how the field is set (e.g., handicap indexes, points).
    1. All past AWGA Board members who have fulfilled their term of office are exempt for the number of years served. All current Board members who have served at least one year are exempt.
    2. A two-year exemption is granted for the champion and the overall net winner of the tournament being entered. The exemption is granted to the team, not the individual players, in a partner tournament.
    3. Player of the Year winners are given a two-year exemption into all individual play tournaments.
    4. Volunteer of the Year recipient is given a one-year exemption into all tournaments, individual and partner.
    5. AGA staff are exempt into all tournaments, individual and partner.
    6. Special exemptions may be granted at the discretion of the Director of Tournaments.
    7. The winner of the Junior Golf Association of Arizona Girls State Championship will receive an exemption into the Women’s State Amateur Stroke Play Championship

There are three classes of tournaments.

The lowest Handicap Indexes are accepted first. A replacement for a partner who withdraws within five (5) business days of the first day of the tournament will be filled at the discretion of the Director of Tournaments. Waiting lists are based on handicaps.

  1. Class I. Championship Tournaments
    • Four-Ball Stroke Play Championship
    • State Amateur Match Play Championship
    • State Amateur Stroke Play Championship
    • State Seniors Championship
  2. Class II. Association Tournaments
    • Season Opener Tournament
    • Weekend Classic Tournament
    • Mixed Stix Tournament
    • Scotch Play Tournament
    • Partners Tournament
    • Holiday Mixer Tournament

If more entries are received than there are places available, those accepted will be based on the number of points they have earned during the past 12 months.

  • 15 percent from those who have earned no points
  • 15 percent from those who have at least one point
  • 70 percent from those who have accumulated the most points

Ties for acceptance are broken using a blind draw. A replacement for a partner who withdraws within five (5) business days of the first day of the tournament is filled at the discretion of theDirector of Tournaments. Any players who have been placed on a waiting list for an Association Tournament are given preferred status for entry into the next Association Tournament they enter.

Points are awarded:

  1. One point for each day of a Women’s Tournament or Just 4 Fun Day completed by a player or volunteer or
  2. One point for each day of a concluded tournament that a player entered, but was not chosen (provided the entry was received in the AGA office by the closing date).

Note: If a player withdraws from a tournament prior to the start for any reason (or withdraws during the tournament without a reason deemed valid by the Committee in charge of the competition), no points will be given.

  1. Class III. Special Events
    • 18-Hole State Medallion Club Team Tournament
    • 9-Hole State Medallion Club Team Tournament
Entries into the Medallion Club Team Tournaments are the low gross and low net winners at the local club level of their State Medallion event. Entries are accepted on a first come first serve basis and must be accompanied by full payment. Teams that are placed on a wait list will be in the order their entries were received.

Requests for refunds will be handled as follows:

  1. Withdrawal prior to closing date – entry fee refunded, minus $15 administrative fee charged to each player who cancels or withdraws after the entry has been submitted. A request for refund must be made in writing or by email before the start of the tournament. Refund requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Withdrawal after closing date (two weeks prior to event) – half of entry fee may be considered for refund, if due to family emergency, family death or medical emergency (must have documentation from a physician.)
  3. Withdrawal within five days of event – no refund will be considered within five days of the event.

In team events, prior to five (5) business days to the start of the tournament, if one partner must cancel, the remaining partner may choose a replacement partner for the event. The replacement partner requires approval by the Director of Tournaments. The above service fee will apply to the refund to the cancelling partner if the AGA will be issuing a refund directly to the cancelling partner and collecting an entry fee from the replacing partner. If both partners must cancel, the refund policy applies to both partners.

All entrants on the waiting list are granted a full refund, even if called and are unable to play.

  1. The Champion(s) of each multi-day tournament (other than Match Play and State Medallion Club Team Tournament, which have special criteria) is the low gross scorer(s) over the field.
  2. Ties for the title of Champion are decided by a hole-by-hole play-off. In the event of a play-off of any kind, a competitor who is unavailable for such play-off forfeits the play-off. If conditions do not permit a play-off, the tie will be decided using the recommended score card matching procedure (Section 7, Rules of Golf).
  3. All other ties are decided using the recommended score card matching procedure (Section 7, Rules of Golf).
  4. All tournaments are flighted with prizes awarded in each flight.
  5. Flights for all competitions are determined by the Director of Tournaments and the Tournament Committee as the size and composition of the field warrants.
  6. Prizes are awarded on the basis of at least one prize for each three entrants.
  7. Overall low gross and overall low net prizes are awarded in each multi-day tournament.
  8. Participants are not eligible to win more than one prize in each tournament.
  9. The Committee in charge of each competition will establish an expected Pace of Play and procedure based on the size and composition of the field and the length and difficulty of the specific golf course. The selected pace of play procedure; i.e. the Check Point Pace of Play Procedure with flag system or the AGA Group Position Procedure, is provided to the players and is utilized to ensure that all players maintain this pace of play and do not unduly delay play (Rule 5.6a, Rules of Golf).
  1. Carts are required unless the Committee in Charge of a specific competition announces that walking is allowed.
  2. Caddies are permitted in the Match Play, Stroke Play and Seniors Championships. The AGA Caddie Policy is published on the AGA website.
  3. For events where spectators are allowed, they must abide by the AGA Spectator Guideline published on the AGA website.
  4. The USGA policy on gambling is in effect in all AGA tournaments.
  5. Contestants who compete in tournaments do so at their own risk. The AWGA/AGA Board of Directors, the Association, the host golf course and all volunteers are relieved individually and collectively of all responsibility for any damage or personal injury incurred during such tournaments. All entrants must sign a Release of Liability.
  6. Only advertising authorized by the Tournament Committee is allowed at any AGA Tournament.
  7. A $15 handling charge is assessed for any NSF checks received.