How Points are Assigned

  1. The Points System is a guide for the players who will be considered for the Women’s Player of the Year (POY) and Women’s Senior Player of the Year (SPOY) and a tool for the Board of Directors in measuring the player’s success. The ultimate selection will rest with the Board of Directors.
  2. Players must appear on an AWGA member club’s roster and have Amateur Status at the time the points are earned. Players will not lose previously earned points if their status or membership changes during the year.
  3. Points will be earned based on the charts below. For points to be earned in non-AGA and non-USGA events, players must notify the Director of Tournaments with official results (i.e. from website link, or from the event’s Tournament Director).
  4. USGA Championships points:
    • Four Ball qualifier points will be awarded in the year of the actual Championship.
    • Sectional qualifiers will receive qualifying points whether or not they participate in the actual Championship.
    • Alternates at sectional qualifiers will receive 50 percent of the qualifier points, whether or not they participate in the actual Championship.
    • Players exempt from qualifying will receive qualifying points for each of the years they are exempt, whether or not they participate in the actual Championship.
  5. For all Match Play events, a match must be won in order to receive points. A match may be won by an outright win, a concession or a forfeit. A bye is not considered a win.
  6. Ties are broken by players splitting the places they have won; i.e., if two players are tied for second place they will split the points for second and third place, etc.
  7. Selection criteria will be separate for POY and SPOY. One player may win both awards unless the Board of Directors otherwise decides.
  8. A player must be at least 50 years old at the time of play in order to earn points toward Senior Player of the Year. Any points earned prior to a players 50th birthday will NOT accrue toward SPOY.
    • Exception: For USGA Senior Championships, the player must be 50 years old on the first day of the Championship, but may compete in qualifying even if it is before her 50th birthday. Those qualifying points earned before the players 50th birthday will accrue toward SPOY.
  9. Players should have a minimum of five (5) play days in Tournaments and/or Championships to be considered for the AGA Women’s POY or Women’s SPOY.
  10. Any member may formally request that the Tournament Committee add a tournament to the Points Chart for the POY and/or SPOY, under the following process:
    • All added tournaments will be effective for the following calendar year.
    • All requests must be made in writing (email acceptable) and received before 4 p.m. on December 15 to be considered for the following calendar year.
    • The Committee will review the request and make a determination no later than December 31 of the current calendar year.
    • Requests will be considered on the basis of location, qualifications for entry and format for comparison to existing tournaments in the Chart. Relying on the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR), any tournament must be ranked “C” or better to be added for POY and “F” or better to be added for SPOY.
    • All event rankings will be reviewed by December 31 each year. Rankings as of that date will remain in effect for the next full calendar year.

Please refer to other items identified:

A – Points listed are for each partner

B – All amateurs who make the cut receive a minimum 500 points (=10th place)

C – All amateurs who make the cute receive a minimum 375 points (=10th place)

D – Points are derived from prior year’s results due to this event being in the last week of the calendar year

Women’s Senior Player of the Year Points Chart

points for Match Play Events

PlaceWomen’s Open Division Match Play
US Women’s AmateurUS Women’s Four-Ball (A)Women’s Western AmateurNorth/South Open Division
Runner Up250400171286286
Semi Final150350150250250
Quarter Final75325139232232
Round of 16300129214214
Round of 32275118196
Round of 64250179
Qualifier Medalist100200100100100
Sectional Qualifier17588
Sectional Alternate8844

Points for stroke play events

PlaceAGA Women’s Stroke Play
AGA Women’s Four-Ball (A)US Women’s Open (B)US Women’s Open Qualifier – Sectional
  • Canadian Women’s Amateur
  • Arizona Open
  • Women’s Trans Amateur
  • Harder Hall – Open
  • South Atlantic Amateur (SALLY) – Open
  • Phoenix City Championship
  • Tucson City Amateur
1st400133800250 for qualifying

Women’s Senior Player of the Year Points Chart

Match Play Events

PlaceAGA Women’s Senior Match PlayUS Senior Women’s AmateurJones/Doherty SeniorAGA Women’s Open Division Match PlayUS Women’s AmateurUS Women’s Mid-AmUS Women’s Four-Ball (A)Women’s Western AmateurNorth/South Senior Division
Runner Up200300150250400300171286286
Semi Final100275138150350275150250250
Quarter Final5025012575325250139232232
Round of 16225113300225129214214
Round of 32200100275200118196
Round of 64175250175179
Qualifier Medalist5015075100200150100100100
Sectional Qualifer12517512588
Sectional Alternate63886344

Women’s Senior Player of the Year Points Chart

Stroke Play EVENTS

PlaceAGA Women’s Senior Stroke Play ChampionshipSenior Women’s Trans Four-Ball Championship (A)North/South Senior Women’sHarder Hall Senior DivisionAGA Women’s Stroke PlayAGA Women’s Four-Ball (A)US Women’s Open (B) US Women’s Open Qualifier – SectionalUS Senior Women’s Open (C)US Senior Women’s Open Qualifier – Sectional
  • Canadian Women’s Amateur
  • Arizona Open
  • Women’s Transnational Amateur
  • Harder Hall
  • South Atlantic Amateur (SALLY
  • Phoenix City Championship
  • Tucson City Women’s Amateur

Age Restricted Events which could be considered

Match Play

PlaceUS Girl’s JuniorUS Women’s Mid-AmateurUS Senior Women’s Amateur
Runner Up300300300
Semi Final275275275
Quarter Final250250250
Round of 16225225225
Round of 32200200200
Round of 64175175175
Qualifier Medalist150150150
Sectional Medalist125125125
Sectional Alternate636363

Age Restricted Events which could be considered

Stroke Play

RankUS Senior Women’s Open (C)Joanne Winter Arizona Silver Belle (D)