Event Description and Listing

AGA Events

Major Championships and Tour Events are conducted in the following age Divisions as designated:

  • Open: Open to all ages – Championship course set-up of near maximum distances and hole placement
  • Masters: (Ages 40-54) – Course set-up with Open, or at 6,700+ yards, course rating of 72.0 and higher
  • Seniors: (Ages 55-64) – Course set-up at 6,300 to 6,800 yards
  • Legends: (Ages 65 & over) – Course set-up to 6,400 yards OR a course rating of 68.0 to 71.0
    • Legends 70 and over – low score will be recognized with a separate trophy

NOTE: Any of the Divisions above may be combined to accommodate course design and conditioning

Events having Masters, Senior and Legends flights are classified as Divisional Events. Tournament results are determined within each age Division. Any event classified as an Open event does not make a distinction for age in determining tournament results, though there are Open divisions some age-events.

The course set-up lengths for each Division represent approximate ranges and will vary due to individual course characteristics. In Divisional events with an Open category, any player competing in the Open will receive points in his Division as well according to the score returned.

Eligibility for Divisional Players Cup Points is based on the player’s birth date at the beginning of the Calendar Year. When a player’s birth date creates eligibility for another Division, the player may compete for a trophy in any event for which his age makes him eligible, but may gain points only through the Division effective January 1. The Divisional winner must play from the tees designated for that Division. See “Players Cup Points” for allocation rules.

Major Championships

Open Majors:

  • AZ Amateur Championship (match play)
  • AZ Mid-Amateur Championship
  • AZ Stroke Play Championship
  • AGA Championship

Divisional Majors:

  • Arizona Senior Match Play Championship (includes Masters, Senior, Super Senior, and Legends)
  • Arizona Senior Stroke Play Championship (includes Masters, Senior, Super Senior, and Legends)
  • Players Cup Championship (includes Masters, Senior, Super Senior, and Legends)

Tour Events

  • AGA Four Ball
  • Falcon Amateur
  • Mayan Challenge (New)
  • Northern Amateur (Divisional)
  • San Tan Amateur
  • Short Course
  • Southern Amateur (Divisional)

AGA Events Requiring Qualifying Rounds With Exemptions

Championships at which qualifying rounds are required will be listed in the AGA Tournament Schedule. Qualifying sites may have field limits posted at the discretion of the AGA Tournament Staff. Entries in a qualifier are on a first-come basis. Please check the individual event information for details.

One-Day qualifiers earn Players Cup Points and thus are open to all AGA members, whether or not they have a spot in the Championship already. Any player who is entered into the qualifier and already exempt into the Championship will not be considered in determining the number of qualifying positions available to the field. The number of places available in a qualifier will be posted on the Notice to Players provided at the starting tee.

Vacancies in tournament fields will be filled at the discretion of the AGA staff.

When there are multiple qualifying sites (AZ Am), all players not qualifying at individual sites will be placed on an Alternates List based on their finishing place in that qualifier. Any replacements into the Championship field will be done by random selection from a) first place alternates, b) second place alternates, etc.

There is no limit how many times a player may attempt to qualify for a given event, provided a separate fee is paid for each attempt.

If conditions prohibit the completion of the local qualifying round, the qualifying round may be cancelled. At the discretion of the AGA, a reduced number of qualifying positions determined pro rata based on those allocated may be granted to finished scores. Players not completing play will have the option of (a) a return of entry fees; or, (b) priority position in another qualifying round if one is available. Qualifying positions not allocated will be transferred to remaining qualifiers; or if none, applied to the Alternates List.

The annual Father/Son tournament is held each year the first weekend in June at Antelope Hills Golf Course. To be eligible, one member of the family must be an AGA member. A father can play with up to three sons and all are playing on different teams. Family members can be any combination including fathers, sons, grandfathers, grandsons, stepfathers and stepsons. Uncles or nephews do not qualify.

The format is a modified Chapman – all players tee off, then each team chooses the best drive and alternates shots from there. If a father’s ball is selected, each of the sons play from that spot.

The tournament is open to all golfers. There are three different Divisions: pro, handicap and Scheid. Scheid is a scoring format that allows those without a handicap to compete and enjoy the experience.

Parent-Child Tournament

The Parent-Child Tournament teams can be any combination of fathers, sons, mothers and daughters. To be eligible, one member of the family must be an AGA member. A parent can play with up to three children and all are playing on different teams. Flights will be assigned according to the size of the field.

The format is modified Chapman – all players tee off. Each team then picks the best drive and alternates shots from there. If a parent’s ball is selected, each of the children play from that spot.

The Senior Cup Series are one-day partner events for AGA members aged 50 and older with a handicap index of 36.4 or less. These are Four-Ball stroke play events, four flights, played at net with a gross winner recognized in each flight.

Teams earn points for their net finish in each event. However, the points are applied individually so participants may play with different partners in different events. Courses are set up at 6,000 to 6,500 yards (Ages 70+ are permitted to play from a tee closest to 6,000 yards when available.)

Senior Series Points accumulate over the season and the top point winners are invited to participate in the season-ending championship. The more events played, the better chances of qualifying for the finals.

The Club Team Championship is an annual tournament that challenges clubs to submit a team or teams to compete against other clubs throughout the state. The format is a two-person scramble and team members must be from the same club. Teams are flighted based on combined handicap. The championship flight competes at gross only and the rest play at both gross and net.

Clubs can use any method they’d like to determine their teams. A series of qualifiers are held at various sites throughout the state. Two individuals from the same club may compete irrespective of any club-selected team. The top 52 teams are invited to participate in the 18-hole championship. The defending champions and host site also receive a spot in the finals.

Member Days

Member days are an opportunity for our members to play golf at a wide range of facilities throughout the year. Public, Resort and Private courses will be used. These are open to all Arizona golfers on a first-come basis. There may or may not be an organized tournament structure depending on the players and the venue.

The AGA supports several Team Competitions and selects players for certain Invitational events. Among them are the Arizona/Utah Shootout, the Bob Goldwater Cup, the Southwest Team Challenge, Peru Invitational and the Pacific Coast Amateur Championship.

August 26, 2019 is the designated qualifying date for the Goldwater Cup and Arizona-Utah Shootout Teams. Other qualifying criteria are outlined under each team. Participation is governed by the Tournament Committee or, in the case of the Pacific Coast Amateur and Peru Invitational, the AGA’s designated Trustees. See each event for the 2019 qualifying criteria.

The following are the Team Competitions for 2019:

  • Arizona vs. Utah Shootout
  • Pacific Coast Amateur Championship
  • Bob Goldwater Cup
  • Peru Invitational – Not held in 2019, returns in 2020
  • Southwest Team Challenge

2019 Team Events


Not held in 2019

Lima Golf Club – Lima, Peru

Two players will represent the Arizona Golf Association with 23 other countries/associations. The 72-hole competition is a team event counting all four rounds for each player, the total being the Team score. Bonus Players Cup Points are available. The AGA is one of four to six North American teams invited. The cost per player is determined annually, normally the cost of airfare. AGA covers the entry fee, uniforms, room, local transfers, meals and caddie fees. If a player desires to take a guest, the room cost will be that of a single room for all six nights, determined at the time of the request when a deposit must be made. Hotel Information: www.hotelcountry.com. Team members are determined by invitation of the Trustee. Contact the AGA for consideration.


July 23-26

University of New Mexico (South) Albuquerque, New Mexico

The AGA will host three players selected by the Pacific Coast Trustees from Arizona Association members. The Pacific Coast Amateur Management Committee has directed that each Association field a team of their best players using the WAGR and/or Scratch Players list. The selected players will receive uniforms and the entry fee paid by the AGA. In addition, each player may receive a travel stipend determined by the Trustees.


Dates T.B.A (late September/early October


The Arizona team is comprised of eight at-large, two seniors (50 yrs +) & two women. The following selection criteria will be used: Automatic Selection – The top eight TPA members based on Open Points and top two on Senior Points. Any remaining places will be filled choosing the best remaining players interested from the respective Players Points List by staff. Two women will be selected by AGA staff based on criteria including past performance in individual competitions.


December 8-11, 2019

Reflection Bay Golf Club

Host Hotel Planet Hollywood (optional)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Arizona Teams are comprised of four players. A minimum of two must be 50 years of age or older. Players are selected by the SW Team Committee Chairman (or his designee) by invitation. Interested players may contact the AGA Staff for more information. Two teams are sponsored by the AGA including uniforms. A player stipend is contributed by AGA for its team(s). Any AGA members may apply to compete as additional teams at their own expense, subject to field limitations.


Monday, September 16th, 2019 (Tentative)

Phoenix Country Club

Two Teams of twelve players each, Open and Senior, will be filled according to the following criteria:

Eligibility: TPA membership and placement on the respective Points Lists as of August 26, 2019. In advance of the deadline for qualification, top players in the Points lists will be solicited for interest in competing on the Teams as of August 1st.

Open Team Automatic Selection – the top-10 TPA players based on point total from the Open Points Lists will receive automatic team births.

Senior Team Automatic Selection – the Senior Team is the top nine TPA players, age 50 & over, from the combined Masters and Senior Points Lists, and the top two TPA players from the Legends Points List.

If any automatic designee declines the invitation to play, that position will be returned to the Tournament Committee to complete the team(s). The Tournament Committee will do so at its discretion from the AGA membership with the intent of fielding the best team possible.

Team Captains: The Player with the highest total on the respective Players Cup Points Lists will be the captain for that team. Each captain may appoint one AGA member at his sole discretion to the team.

Team uniforms and expenses are included in the invitation. A coat & tie dinner honoring Bob Goldwater is considered a mandatory part of the event.

To enter USGA Qualifying events, you must register on their website at usga.org

Multi-Day USGA Qualifiers: There is a cut after the first day of a multi-day USGA Qualifying event to the low 50% plus ties and all those within 8 strokes of the last qualifying position.

The AGA has no role in Sanctioned events other than to allocate points to players participating in the tournaments. The distribution, receipt & confirmation of entries, conditions of competition, entry fees, eligibility, pairings, start times, course setup, tournament policies, prize fund and submission of results to the media and the AGA are the responsibility of the organizing tournament Committee or host club. In an effort to ensure that only quality events are awarded Sanctioned Event status, the following minimum criteria must be met:

  1. Event must have at least a two-year history.
  2. Tournament must adhere to The Rules of Golf.
  3. Tournament must be open to all AGA members.
  4. Names and scores of top 10 places +ties must be returned by mail, fax 602-944-3228, or email to info@azgolf.org within 14 days of the event. Age Division events must include players’ age designations to be included. No retroactive postings will be made. It is the obligation of players earning these awards to notify the AGA as noted if the Event does not do so on its own.
  5. Points are only awarded to the gross score championship category.
  6. In Arizona State Opens, points are determined by the order of finish of amateurs entered.
  7. Tournament must strictly adhere to the USGA Rules of Amateur Status and the value of awards may not exceed $750 per person. If excess prizes are provided the event becomes ineligible for inclusion.

An event’s tournament Committee or organization must submit their request for Sanctioned Event status certifying the above criteria has/will be met to the AGA Tournament Committee for final approval. The AGA will review sanctioned events from year to year to ensure that AGA tournament players are participating in the events and the integrity of the Players Cup Points Lists are being maintained.

Type I Sanctioned Events:

  • Southwestern Amateur (when hosted in Arizona)
  • Pacific Coast Amateur
  • Arizona Open
  • Arizona Senior Open

Type II Sanctioned Events (Individual):

  • Chandler City
  • Mesa City
  • Phoenix City
  • Tucson City
  • Mesa Senior
  • Phoenix Senior

Type II Sanctioned Events (Team):

  • Alta Mesa Divisional (Divisional Team Classic)
  • Billy Bell Best Ball
  • Mesa Best Ball
  • Phoenix City Team
  • Roy Tatum Best Ball
  • Yuma Best Ball