Take A Swing Golf Clinics

Just starting to get into the game? Need a refresher on the fundamentals of the swing? Trying to lower your score?

Then Take A Swing Golf Clinics are the program for you.

In partnership with Reid West Golf Academies, the AGA is excited to announce this new clinic series designed to help new and returning golfers develop the skills they need to be successful on course.

The clinics offer five levels of instruction so you can jump into whichever session fits your game.

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Session Descriptions

Sessions will be held at Aguila Golf Course and Palo Verde Golf Course.

  • Session 1: The Golf Club and How to Swing it – Want to learn about golf equipment, how to swing a club, and good practice habits, Session 1 is the place to jump in.

  • Session 2: G.P.A – Learning the secret to getting the ball in the air through proper grip, posture and alignment, Session 2 will help you get there.

  • Session 3: Ball Flight and Direction – Do you find yourself hitting the ball but it’s just not going in the desired direction? Session 3 will teach swing direction, club face control and why the ball goes where it goes.

  • Session 4: Short Game Secrets – Why are those little shots so hard? Session 4 will explain the short game secrets for putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play.

  • Session 5: Time to Play – Once you’re comfortable and ready to take the next step on the course, sign up for Session 5. It will be time to get on the course and put all those lessons to work. Play three holes with the instructor while working on course management and course etiquette.

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Aguila Golf Course

Instructor: Spencer Sweitzer

Palo Verde Golf Course

Instructor: John Wasson