Arizona/Canada WHS Account Linking Recommendations

Do you host dual-WHS handicap roster affiliations, one based in Canada, the other in Arizona?
If so, there IS an outlet available to set up a background ‘link’ between them, which in turn will mutually share all scoring detail and Handicap Index® assignments in parallel, without the need to independently post scores to each.

If you are in this circumstance and desire to establish this ‘link’ between records, all of the following steps will need to be accomplished, ideally in this order:

Step 1- Confirm that your Arizona Golf Association-based record is currently in ‘Active’ status and retrieve your ‘GHIN’ number assignment, needed for step 2.
Step 2- Contact your Provincial Golf Association staff in Canada and supply them with your Arizona-based GHIN number, requesting that they add it as a Canada-US ‘link’.
Step 3- Ask your Golf Canada staff to also provide you with your designated ‘NETWORK ID’, the value that is used for these linking purposes and is oftentimes an alternative 6-8 digit value that may be different than the standard Golf Canada Member Number personally in use (*will not function without the ‘NETWORK ID’, in particular).
Step 4- Supply Arizona Golf Association staff ([email protected]) or your AZ-based club administrator with the ‘NETWORK ID’ that Golf Canada staff has confirmed is assigned to you. In turn, that ID will be input in the background of your GHIN record to complete the two-way linking process.

After all of the above steps are accomplished (recommended in this order) you should then see your Canadian postings flow into your AZ record within a few days and any new rounds posted thereafter to either record, mutually shared with the secondary account.