Seminars & Educational Opportunities

The Arizona Golf Association offers many different educational opportunities for clubs, members, professional staff & volunteers to learn more about the Handicap system, the Rules of Golf, Course Rating, course marking, tournament administration & other the products & services offered & administered by the Arizona Golf Association. PGA members please inquire with Derek McKenzie ([email protected]) for MSR points for attendance at seminars.

Handicap Seminars

The AGA conducts World Handicap System (WHS) Certification Seminars that are designed for: local club handicap administrators, course professionals and staff, and any AGA members seeking the full details of the World Handicap System policies and procedures, currently in use by over 3-million golfers around the globe! At present, the WHS Certification Seminar may be accessed online from the comfort of home by clicking the following link, which will provide a 4-part video series, followed by a WHS Quiz to test your handicapping system knowledge.

For upcoming WHS seminar registration: Click Here

Rules of Golf Seminars

The AGA conducts Rules Seminars that are open to all AGA members, club professionals and staff, and all golfers. These seminars will focus on educating attendees on the principles behind the Rules of Golf and the basic structure of the Rules of Golf Book.

In conjunction with the United States Golf Association (USGA) updating and reiterating the Rules of Golf for the beginning of 2023, the Arizona Golf Association will announce a schedule for Rules Seminars in early 2023. Please check back for updated information as it becomes available.

Special Requests

The AGA conducts special seminars for member clubs upon request. These seminars can range from sessions on the Handicap system, the Rules of Golf, Course Rating, course marking, tournament administration and other the products and services offered and administered by the AGA. To inquire about scheduling a seminar for your club please contact Derek McKenzie ([email protected]).