Rules and Interpretations

Access to the Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf, the Full
Rules and Interpretations.

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USGA Rules of Golf Quizzes

Explore the PowerPoint presentation highlighting the
Major Changes of the New Rules of Golf.

Major Changes

USGA Rules of Golf Videos

The USGA provides these short videos to teach you how to proceed
in a variety of situations commonly encountered on the course,
utilizing Golf’s New Rules.

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Rules of Golf Publications

Member clubs may order the Rules of Golf by e-mailing Kylie the club name, contact name, email address, and phone number.If individual members wishes to order one or two publications, they may do so by clicking on the USGA Publications button below.

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Rules of Golf Seminars

Ever wanted to get more into the Rules of the Game? Look no further, whether you’re brand new or already a rules whiz, sign up for a seminar to bolster your knowledge. Learn face -to-face with qualified Rules Officials and AGA staff who will run through scenarios and answer all your questions.

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USGA Rules of Golf Mobile App

Available at your fingertips,
the USGA has released an
updated Rules of Golf App
for iOS and Android