Rules Items

  • FLAGSTICKS: If the facility mandates flagsticks remain in the holes, AGA will employ a local rule declaring flagsticks to be immovable obstructions.

  • HOLE LINERS: If a facility will not allow balls to be holed in a reasonable manner, the event will be cancelled. The AGA considers inserts in the cup “reasonable” provided they will allow the ball to fall below the level of the lip of the hole. The AGA will provide foam inserts if needed at a reasonable depth (more than two inches).

  • BUNKERS: If the facility will not permit rakes in bunkers, the AGA will attempt to have one rake per cart permitted and if necessary, provide sanitary wipes for each cart, assuming two players per cart.

  • OTHER PROHIBITIONS: Any more stringent mandates by a facility may cause the AGA to cancel the event. When events are cancelled, a reasonable attempt to reschedule will be made.

  • EXPENSES AND PAYOUTS: With courses attempting to recover lost revenues, the ability to fund payouts with short fields has disappeared. We are considering several options for different events to allow them to be played.