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Local Rules

  • Play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf. Please use the Papago scorecard local rules in conjunction with following PWGA local rules.

  • OUT OF BOUNDS: Perimeter fencing surrounding the golf course. Out of bounds is defined by the inside points off fences and posts. Rule 18

  • PENALTY AREAS: Are identified by red or yellow stakes and/or lines. Use the line if available, otherwise use the stakes for relief reference. Rule 17

  • IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS: All control boxes and weather stations are obstructions. Swing and stance relief, plus one club length only, NOT line of sight. Rule 16

  • GROUND UNDER REPAIR: Must be defined by white lines or specific sign. Rule 16

  • LOOSE IMPEDIMENTS: Loose impediments may be removed from bunkers and all penalty areas. NOTE: includes stones in the bunkers. Rule 15

  • DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES: Are allowed in all PWGA events providing they do not measure wind and/or elevation. Rule 4

  • BALL ACCIDENTALLY MOVED ON THE PUTTING GREEN: When a player’s ball lies on the green there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent or any of their caddies or equipment. The moved ball or ball marker must be replaced. Rule 15

  • NOTE: There is no penalty if you or anyone else moves your ball during a search. Simply replace it. Rule 7.4

  • DOUBT AS TO PROCEDURE: In stroke play (only), a player may play a second ball under Rule 20.1c(3)

  • RELIEF FROM A SPRINKLER HEAD NEAR THE GREEN: For relief from a sprinkler head that interferes with your line of play, the sprinkler head must be within 2 club lengths of the green and your ball must be within 2 club lengths of the same sprinkler head. Relief is nearest point, then drop.


  • Hole #11 – The water in front of the green is a Yellow Penalty area (not Red). You may not take a drop where your ball enters the water near the green. You MAY use the drop area OR proceed under the yellow penalty area relief. Rule 17

  • Hole # 9,12, & 18 – For these holes, the dirt areas in and around the cart path are considered an immovable obstruction. Free Relief Rule 16

  • Hole #12 – The fenced area on the left of the fairway is an immovable obstruction. Free relief for swing and stance only, not line of sight. Rule 16

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