Membership Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the AGA and get my Handicap Index?

There are three ways to join the AGA and all include a USGA WHS Handicap Index:

  1. Golf Club Member – Become a member of any AGA member club. From private, green-grass facilities to online-only clubs, you can find a club that matches your availability and style in our Club Directory. Once you find a club that meets your needs on the list:
    • If the club allows you to join online, a blue “Join” button will appear to the right of the club’s name in the Club Directory. Simply click on that button and enter your contact information. If you already have a GHIN number, be sure to use the same number every time you join a club.
    • If the club does not allow you to join online, call the club’s phone number to join instead.
  2. Join AZ Golf Club – the AGA’s online club is perfect for those who don’t want to play regularly with the same league. Join AZ Golf Club Now!
  3. Start your own club – Do things your way…check out how easy it is to start your own club today!

Do I have to join a golf club to join the AGA?

Yes, to maintain a valid USGA Handicap Index, you must be a member of a certified USGA golf club. But don’t worry! We make the process easy and there are several options including the AGA’s online golf club, the AZ Golf Club. Use our Club Directory to find the club that is right for you or join our online club, AZ Golf Club today!

What benefits do I get with my Arizona Golf Association membership?

  • USGA Handicap Index – The Arizona Golf Association is the only Arizona-based allied golf association of the USGA authorized to provide golfers with an official USGA Handicap Index, which summarizes a player’s skill level and evens the playing field for golfers of all abilities.
  • Course/Slope Ratings – The AGA is licensed and authorized by the USGA to perform and maintain Course/Slope Ratings at all AGA Member Facilities every 10 years or when significant changes have occurred prior to that 10 year mark.
  • Score Posting Kiosks – Score posting kiosks are available at facilities that choose to offer one for their members. These score posting computers are maintained by AGA staff to ensure seamless operation and use.
  • Exclusive Member Offers – AGA members can save hundreds by taking advantage of exclusive offers for local golf through the AGA Member Advantage Program, travel destinations, apparel, equipment, event tickets and more. Member offers change monthly and are promoted on the website as well as through email communications.
  • Playing Opportunities – AGA members of all skill levels, genders, and ages can take advantage of formal and informal playing opportunities at beautiful Arizona public and private facilities by participating in events from individual gross championships and team net events to AGA Scramble Days and Just For Fun Days.
  • Member Communications – AGA members stay connected to golf in Arizona through a complimentary subscription to Arizona Golf Insider Magazine in both the print and digital editions, a customized access to and AGA Mobile App, a monthly digital newsletter, bi-monthly Handicap Revision newsletters, and partner offers.
  • Private Club Access – AGA members have the opportunity to play select private facilities in both formal and informal settings through championships and tournaments as well as programs like the Senior Cup Series, AGA Scramble Days, and AGA Just for Fun Days. Check out our Event Directory.
  • Educational Events – As an allied golf association of the USGA, the AGA is your local resource for Rules of Golf, USGA Handicap System and Course Rating information. Each year the AGA conducts several seminars throughout the state, all of which are free to attend (fee for lunch may apply). You can find education seminars in the Learn tab on our website at
  • Golf Travel Experiences – Each year, the AGA takes groups of members to premier destinations around the world and domestically. The AGA will also provide a resource for golf travel destinations on our website starting in the fall of 2021. Visit our Travel page to learn more about upcoming trips.
  • Unique Members Only Contests & Surveys – Each month the AGA conducts a survey in the newsletter with a chance for members to win prizes. Additionally, there is a member appreciation event October 1 – December 31 with a minimum of 10 prizes drawn each week.

Should I use the same GHIN number if I am moving from another state/club?

Yes. You should use the same GHIN number in all participating states and with all clubs. This ensures that your Handicap Index is accurate and includes your full scoring history.

What is the difference between Regular Club Membership and AZ Golf Club Membership?

Each option provides you with full AGA member benefits, including a USGA Handicap Index.

  • Regular Club Membership means that you are joining an AGA licensed club and you have full access to that club’s events, tournaments and championships.
  • If you don’t consistently play at one course or just want to track your Handicap, join the AGA’s online club, the AZ Golf Club, to get your Official Handicap Index and other AGA member benefits. The AZ Golf Club membership is valid a full year and will renew 365 days from purchase.

How long is my membership valid?

  • Calendar Year Clubs – If your club’s membership is based on a calendar year, new memberships will either be valid from the day you join until December 31 or if you join after September 30, your memberships will be valid through the end of the following December. This can be a maximum of 15 months.
  • Revolving Clubs – If your club’s membership is based on a revolving year, your membership is valid for 365 days from the day you join.

You can login to your Dashboard on our website at to see when your membership(s) will expire.

How does someone change clubs?

  • You can join any club you desire as long as you meet the criteria set for that particular club.
  • If you wish to change clubs at the end of the club’s year, simply let your current membership lapse or if auto-renewal is active, turn it off by logging in to your Dashboard at It is also recommended to let your current club administrator know that you will not be returning.
  • If you want to change clubs, partway through the year, you will need to join the new club, paying its membership dues. You may apply for a multi-member rebate on our website in the Products & Services tab. This applies to multiple full year dues only.
  • To join a different club, follow the same procedure as outlined above in the section labeled “How do I join the AGA and get my Handicap Index?”

Do I have to play with my club?

Your level of participation with your club is entirely up to you, as long as you meet your club’s minimum requirements. The AGA encourages golfers to engage with their club because they are fun, social and are an essential part of our golf community. While your club may offer regular events, you can play and post your score at any golf course with any group of people you choose.

How do I change my home club designation for handicap purposes if I am a member of more than one club?

In general, this is not important. If you are a member of more than one club and you want to change your home club designation, please contact your club administrator or the AGA. Home club designation is to ensure your Handicap Index is managed in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping and does not change your membership status in any club.

Am I a USGA member when I join the AGA and vice versa?

No. Your AGA membership includes a USGA Handicap Index. It is not a membership to the USGA. Conversely, if you join the USGA Members Program, this does not include a USGA Handicap Index. USGA Membership is a philanthropic donation to the USGA. To establish a Handicap Index, you must become affiliated with a golf club.

Why is there an increase in membership dues in 2022?

  • AGA has not raised dues since2009, while the number of members has significantly increased.
  • Administrative support of more than 90,000 memberships and 620 clubs requires a full-time, friendly, qualified, and knowledgeable staff to be available throughout the year to answer your questions and meet your needs.
  • During the season, October 1 – April 30, AGA staff respond to an average of 700 inquiries a day from members and member clubs.
  • Additional programs are required to meet the growing demand for participation at all levels of the game.
  • Technology advances to the AGA website, mobile app and state-of-the-art billing system are constantly being developed to make our products more efficient and provide the best possible user experience.
  • Tournament software is included with your membership and available with no additional charge to the clubs.
  • New events for both men and women, competitive and social, are constantly being added to our schedule to increase engagement among members and potential members.
  • Expanded travel program to meet member desires to experience golf in cultures across the United States and around the world.
  • As a leader in the industry, the AGA is well positioned to advocate for community organizations and non-profits that make a significant impact in our community through the game of golf through Outreach programs and financial support from the Arizona Golf Foundation.

Why is there an extra $5 discount for people paying individually through Online Join & Renew?

The AGA’s standard membership fee for 2022 is $45. As we have done in previous years, we are again offering a $5 discount to those that renew early between October 1 and December 31, 2021 (Does not apply to revolving year clubs). There is an additional $5 discount offered to those paying through Online Join & Renew because each individual updates and verifies their contact and mailing information in the process. This helps us keep our database up to date and saves us money in the long run. The AGA member benefits include a subscription to AZ Golf Insider Magazine which is mailed through the post office four times per year and requires a current address.

I already paid my GHIN fee in another state. Do I have to pay a second time?

Yes, you do need to join a club in Arizona to receive benefits from the Arizona Golf Association and be eligible to play in Arizona events.

I already joined an Arizona club, but want to join an additional club. Do I need to pay association dues again?

You are required to pay AGA association dues at each club to which you belong. These dues help cover the cost of course rating, kiosks at the club, AGA club support and more. However, you are eligible for a rebate making the association portion of your fees for additional clubs just $15. To apply for a rebate, click here.

  • Note, if all of your clubs offer membership through Online Join & Renew, your multi-member discount will be automatically deducted at checkout.