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AzRC 2016 Competition Manual

For the past two years, we have been working with staff and volunteers from the AGA, AWGA and JGAA to produce a manual for clubs and members to use as a resource for managing their events.


I The AzRC
1. Role
2. Governing Board 
3. Administration
4 Members
5. Association Membership
6. General Membership
7. Assistance with Non-Association Events
8. Suggested Compensation
II Tournament Operations
1. Association Duties
2. Staff [Person] in Charge (SIC)
3. Duties of ROIC (Rules Official in Charge)
3. Duties of CPO (Chief Pace Offical)
4. Expectations of the General Members
5. Uniform, Identification and Tools
6. Travel Expense
7. Training Expense
III Tournament Administration and Conduct
1. Part One: General
2. Part Two: Performance
a. SIC (Staff in Charge)
b. Rules Committee
c. ROIC (Rules Offical in Charge)
d. Roving Rules Official (Rover)
e. Referees (Rules Officials)
f. Rules Official- (Authorized to make most rulings)
g. Rules Associate (Authorized only to make rulings as assigned)
h. Chief Pace Offical (CPO)
i. Checkpoint Monitor
j. Starter
k. Score Recorder
l. Score Poster
m. Score Card Data Entry
n. Forecaddie (AKA Spotter)
o. Tournament Assistant
3. Part Three: Course Preperation Team 
a. Course Preperation Team Leader
b. Local Rules Writter
c. Course Marker
d. Hole Locator
IV Competition Guide

Part One: Introduction

2. Part Two: Conditions of Competition











Times of Starting and Groups


Organizing Starting Times for Events


Resolving Ties





3. Part Three: The Notice to Players
4. Part Four: Local Rules Considerations
a. General
V Making the Course & Course Set-Up
1. Part One: Making the Course
a. General
b. Out of Bounds
c. Water Hazards
d. Ground Under Repair
e. Obstructions and Integral Parts of the Course
f. Dropping Zones
g. Other Dropping Zones for Unplayables, Obstructions, Gur
2. Part Two: Course Set Up
a. General
b. Course Conditions
c. Fairways
d. Rough

Putting Greens

f. Hazards, Gur, and Oddities
g. Bunkers
h. Protected Areas
i. Practice Areas
j. Maintenance Equipment
k. Hole Location Planning
l. Hole Location Selection
m. Competitions Course Setup
n. Tee Pads
o. Teeing Grounds
VI Competition Administration
1. Part One: The Rules of Golf
2. Part Two: Procedures
a. Registration
b. Starting
c. Procedures to Follow for Starting 
d. Starter Script 
e. Late to the Tee
f. Issuing Score Cards and Recording Scores
g. Scoring Responsibilites and Procedures
h. Rules Officials
i. Forecaddies and Marshals
j. Pace of Play
k. Inclement Weather and Suspensions of Play
l. Preferred Lies
3. Part Three: Performing the Rules Offical Role 
a. General
b. Referees
c. Referee Conduct
d. On-Course Officials During Match Play
e. Observers
f. Refereeing an Area or Zone on Coures (Stationary Official)
g. Rovers
VII Miscellaneous Matters
1. Entry Forms
2. Dress Restrictions
3. Scoreboards
4. Accommodation of Early and Late Starters 
5. Stroke Allocations 
6. Course Records
7. Positioning of Rakes
8. Serious Breaches of Etiquette
9. A Modification of the Rules of Golf for Golfers with Disabilities