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September 04, 2018 by pgarcia

Golf Lessons with Jeremy Anderson

The Legacy Golf Performance Center has a reputation for being the gold standard for golf lessons around the valley. With six coaches to choose from, you are sure to find the instruction that best suits your goals. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled tournament player, the Legacy Golf Performance Center will provide you with the proper tools to enhance your gameplay. 

Jeremy Anderson is the Director of Instruction at Legacy Golf Performance Center and is best known for being the "Swing Guru." Jeremy grew up playing golf in Minnesota before traveling to North Carolina to play golf at Methodist University. After graduating in 2005, he accepted a position as an Assistant Pro in Chicago where he realized he had a passion for teaching the sport. After more than a decade of teaching experience under his belt, he decided to take the leap and move to the beautiful state of Arizona in September of 2017. He stepped into his current position in February of this year. 

When it comes to Jeremy’s teaching philosophy, he says “the biggest thing to do is size up the golfer and understand their honest goals, then create programs for them to best achieve those goals, whether it’s through a macro or micro approach.” There is a broad spectrum of students that come through Legacy Golf Performance Center, which is why Jeremy has a diverse group of teachers. Currently, there are two senior staff instructors, one staff instructor, and an apprentice who caters to all different levels at all different rates. Part of Jeremy’s “sizing up” process is to place them with an instructor who can give them the best results for their time and money.

As you embark on your own journey to improve your game, Jeremy has three important points of advice:

1)     Put in the amount of effort that will validate the amount of improvement you want to see.

2)     Work with an instructor that knows what they are doing.

3)     If you are taking lessons, make sure you ask a ton of questions to help you understand how that instruction will improve your game.

Two members of the AGA staff, Brianna Gianiorio and Paris Garcia, have started their journeys towards improving their golf game with Jeremy through a series of four lessons spread out over the next couple months. During their first lesson, this past week, each started with completely different goals. Brianna, a hopeful beginner, wanted to learn the basic building blocks of the perfect swing. Paris, an intermediate golfer, wanted to learn how to control her aim and consistency with her swing. With the help of state-of-the-art technology and Jeremy’s extensive experience, here are the results of their first lesson.

Brianna – Beginner

The first thing for a beginner to learn is how to grip the golf club in their hands. There are three ways to grip the club: The Ten Finger, the Interlock, and the Overlap. Since Brianna has smaller fingers, she found the most control by utilizing the Ten Finger grip. A helpful way to establish the grip is to let the club lay gently in both hands, with the fatty part of both hands on top of the club. Depending one which hand is dominant, that hand will reside lower on the club.


Once the grip is established, next is developing the back swing. To give Brianna an idea of how the back swing should look, Jeremy suggested using a wall as a guide to keep her arms in the right position. First, she positioned herself with her back to the wall in the golf posture. Then, with her hands clapped together, she turned until her hands hit the wall. Finally, she worked her right elbow and her right hand up like they were on the same elevator together.  



Now that the grip and back swing were introduced, Brianna was able put the full swing together. Jeremy was able to record Brianna’s swings, and upload them her own profile within CoachNow so she is able to track her progress throughout the four sessions. Next time Brianna and Jeremy meet, she plans to build on her swing and put some power behind the ball.


Paris – Intermediate

Paris came in with a decent amount of golfing experience and a developed swing. She is planning on participating in a tournament in November, so by the end of the four sessions her goal is to add power and consistency to her swing. After hitting a few practice swings, Jeremy was able to see that her lack of consistency was stemming from a lack of rotation in her hips in the follow-through. At the point of contact with the ball, her hip rotation was only about 10-12 degrees and ideally Jeremy would like to see it at 45 degrees.

To help Paris create more hip rotation, Jeremy had her put a beach ball between her legs. First, swing up, then bow the knees out allowing the ball to drop and forcing the left leg to open up, then extend up on the follow through. The idea is that when you bow the knees out, you generate power by allowing the hips to freely rotate. If someone were to look at you from head on, they should be able to see the inside of your left leg because that pulls the hips open resulting in the ball to be hit straighter.


By the end Paris’ session, she was able to open up her hips to about 35 degrees, allowing her to experience a 200+ yard shot straight down the line with a driver. In her next session, she plans to focus on that final 10 degrees of rotation in the hips, and to lift her elbow up further in her back swing, which will add even more power to her swing.

To learn more about the Legacy Golf Performance Center or so sign up for lessons you can visit their website at or you can reach Jeremy directly at or on his cell at (847)-971-0489.