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November 28, 2018 by Joselyn


Adam Swanson is the CEO/founder of Golfstretch, a Sports Performance and Therapy center based in Scottsdale, Arizona. His unique combination of Neuromuscular Stretch Therapy, Corrective exercise, and Functional Training has helped his clients achieve their fitness goals, increase mobility, correct posture, and improve their everyday lifestyle. Adam has worked with a diverse range of clientele, from the humble weekend golfer to PGA Tour Professionals and NHL Hockey players.  Together with Doctors, flexibility and postural correction experts, Adam has contributed to the development of sports-specific stretches and exercises designed to decrease muscle and joint pain, increase range of motion, improve flexibility, and promote proper body awareness. He obtains certifications as a Neuromuscular Stretch Therapist, CPR, AED, and from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist), and a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor from the Titleist Performance Institute.


January Swing Tips from AGA on Vimeo.

Golfstretch - Swing tips video from AGA on Vimeo.

Golf Stretch - Hip Mobility from AGA on Vimeo.

Golf Stretch - Hip Exercises from AGA on Vimeo.

Golf Stretch - Core from AGA on Vimeo.