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January 12, 2016 by Joselyn

Fitness by Andrew

March Fitness Tip

February Fitness Tip

January Fitness Tip

Kelsey Kip is going to show you how to work on some creative movements using a cable apparatus focusing on hip mobility and stability with core activation.

December Fitness Tip

Kelsey Kip based out of Ancala Country Club, is going to help demonstrate Medicine ball training.

November Fitness Tip

Abby Mann, Professional Golfer with Superstition Mountain Golf Club, is going to show how to work on balance.

October Fitness Tip

Brian Bentiz with OB Sports, shows how to perform a 90/90 test, which test shoulder range of motion.

September Fitness Tip

Luke Hemelstrand, golf professional at Desert Mountain, demonstrates how to use a tool called TRX. Which is used as a way to warm up for a workout or round of golf.

August Fitness Tip

John Greig, head pro at Tatum Ranch, shows 3 different variations from the floor up trying to increase the strength and mobility of the hips.

July Fitness Tip

John Greig, head pro at Tatum Ranch, demonstrates a hip hinge action when you get into setup posture.