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September 18, 2015 by Joselyn

Download the AGA App

Whether you just finished draining 10 footer on the 18th hole or need to verify your partner’s Handicap Index, the GHIN mobile app is a convenient, fast and easy way to post scores, determine your Course Handicap, and even sign up for AGA events.

Directions to download GHIN Mobile app- For Android and iPhone

  1. Go to the App store
  2. Search “GHIN Mobile” – United States Golf Association
  3. Download the Free App
  4. Sign in as either an individual golfer  if you currently have a GHIN number or a club member if you are looking to get a GHIN number
  5. “I’m a Golfer with a GHIN Number”- Enter your GHIN Number and Last Name
  6. This will bring you to the AGA app where you can post a score, see the updates on a tournament, view the magazine, view AGA social media and much more.