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Tournament Player’s Association


The Tournament Players Association (TPA) provides discounted entry fees into select AGA tournaments, eligibility for team participation and other benefits.


TPA Benefits


$25 discount on entry fees to ALL AGA Major Championships in 2019
Official AGA Membership and USGA handicap through the TPA Men's Club
First eligibility for Goldwater Cup Matches and AZ/UT Shootout Team selection
Special Invitations to National or Regional Amateur events through the AGA 
i.e. Bethpage Amateur, Lima Invitational, SW Team, etc.
Ability to request placement in a time segment during first round of AGA TOUR events (will be accomodated if it can be done without a negative impact on event pairing criteria)
Cart privileges at AGA TOUR events
Receive discounts on orders placed with AGA partners: FJ, Titleist, Antigua, etc. 
Exclusive TPA Member Gifts
First option to enter AGA Players Cup Championship 

Benefits Explained

Discounts on Entry Fees 
TPA Members receive discounts on all AGA Championships (AGA Championship, Arizona Stroke Play, 95th Arizona Amateur Championship, Arizona Mid-Amateur, AGA Players Cup, Arizona Senior Match Play and Arizona Senior Stroke Play).

TPA Men's Club
This is considered a Type 2 USGA club and provides all benefits of membership of an AGA Club including a USGA Handicap Index. It also satisfies the eligibility requirements for entry into the AGA Championships.

AGA Team Eligibility
Only TPA Members are eligible for automatic selection to Arizona-Utah Shootout and Goldwater Cup Matches (see Captain’s exemption). An individual must join the TPA prior to August 1 to be eligible for that year's teams.

Starting Time Consideration
*TPA member may request preferential consideration for starting times Day 1 (early, late) by contacting the AGA Tournament Dept. prior to the tournament entry deadline. *Note – it is common practice for Rd. 1 pairings to be composed of lowest handicap players teeing off first (or #1 for shotgun starts), ascending to highest handicap players later in the pairings. TPA members making requesting a preferential starting time should be aware that such a request may result in playing with players of different skill levels and not all requests will be accommodated.

Cart Privilege
TPA members will be granted the benefit to ride solo in the golf cart when a group of three is the pairing structure.

AGA Partnership Benefits
By placing an order through the AGA with one of our many partners, TPA members can save time and money on their favorite golf suppliers.