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The following are designated as the Tournament and Player Regulations (the “Regulations”) of the Arizona Golf Association (“AGA”).

The Executive Director may, at his sole discretion, waive or modify a particular Regulation if it is in the best interest of the Association. Any such action will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee at its earliest convenience, and players notified following such review.

It is each contestant's responsibility to know the Regulations concerning participation in Association events. By submitting an entry for an AGA event, a player accepts responsibility for knowing and understanding the Policies & Procedures of the AGA, and agrees to abide by them. It is also an acknowledgement that there are certain risks inherent in the game of golf and acceptance of personal liability for all such risks.

The Arizona Golf Association’s Tournament program is a member program and thus open to any member of the AGA except for events denoted as ‘amateur’ or requiring a USGA handicap, in which case those restrictions govern all entries.

The Arizona Golf Association reserves the right to decline or withdraw any entry at any time in its sole discretion. Any person whose entry is accepted shall be subject to the Rules and conditions of play set forth by the AGA. AGA Staff in its sole discretion will decide issues not otherwise covered in these Regulations and Policies. Such decisions will be remanded to the Tournament Committee for possible inclusion in future policies.


A Event Description and Listing
1. AGA Tour: Open, Divisionals and Qualifying
2. Father-Son and Parent-Child Tournaments
3. Senior Cup Series
4. Club Team Championship
5. USGA Qualifying
6. Sanctioned Events
7. AGA Teams: Listing and Selection Criteria
B Player Eligibility and Entry Procedures
1. Eligibility
2. USGA Handicap requirements and adjustments
3. Exemptions, Host Site Invitations
3. Entry and Withdrawal Procedures
4. Alternates (Wait List)
C Tournament Administration and Conduct
1. Pairings, Starting Times, Playoffs
2. Rules Applications, Local Rules, AGA Hard Card
3. Code of Conduct
4 Practice Rounds
5. On-Course Conditions of Competition
a. Apparel
b. Caddie Assignments
c. Drinking Water on Course
d. Electronic Devices
e. Spectator Policy
6. Other
a. Use of Carts, ADA Accommodation
b. Inclement Weather, Suspension, Cancellation
c. No Financial Interest, Broadcast Rights
D. Pace of Play Policy
1. TimePar
2. Checkpoint Policy - Tee Times and Shotgun
4. Penalties, Appeals
E. Tournament Players Association
1. Types of Membership
2. Benefits of Membership
F. Points, Teams and Awards
1. Points Polciy and Criteria
b. Points for AGA Stroke Play Tournaments
c. Points for AGA Match Play Events
d. Points for USGA Qualifying
e. Points for Sanctioned Events-Type I and II
2. AGA Team Events
3. Player Awards
G. Appendix
1. Definitions
2. Site Selection, Budget and Setup Criteria
a. Process for Selecting Sites
b. Sample budget
b. Determining yardage and hole locations
3. Course Marking Philosophies and Procedures
4. AGA Hard Card