Membership » A membership for everyone—from the serious to the casual golfer.

A membership for everyone—from the serious to the casual golfer. Start enjoying all the benefits of the AGA membership in one of the nation’s most active golf associations.


Take advantage of all the benefits of your AGA Membership!

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AZ Golf Insider magazine is the official publication of the Arizona Golf Association. It is published four times a year and mailed to all of our members. 

As the official insurance provider for the AGA, Nationwide Insurance offers all members quality auto insurance at a special rate not available to the general public.

AGA members will recieve a handicap index provided but the USGA. This allows golfers of any skill to compete on an equitable basis.


Enjoy a day of having no pressure, no rules and no handicap and one of our play days. THe day is open to all skill levels- from beginner to advanced. Bring a group of friends or join us as a single an we'll pair you up with some future friends. 

AGA members can receive special discounts on tickets to have experiences that last a lifetime to our Major League Baseball team, the Arizona Damondbacks.  

AGA members with have access to recieve their updated  Handicap Index twice a month through email, along with the AGA Newsletter, tournament news and special oppfers provided by our sponsors.  


Download the AGA App, the official app of the Arizona Golf Association, to put the Arizona golf world in your hands. Post a score, view the Az Insider Magazine and stay connected through social media all at your convenience. Attend educational seminars on Handicapping, the Rules of Golf and much more.  The AGA host over 50 tournaments a year. We continue to provide members the benefit of playing at some of our region's best private and high-end public facilities.