Handicap Club Membership

Looking to establish a handicap in Arizona? Then an AGA Handicap Club membership is for you! A Handicap Club membership is for golfers who are interested in maintaining a USGA Handicap Index. In order to maintain a handicap, you must join an Arizona Golf Association member club.


Start Your Own Club

Starting your own club is a very popular option for golfers who want to enjoy the benefits of being an AGA member without joining a group at a golf course. In order to establish your own Associate Club (also known as a club without real estate) and issue USGA Handicaps, you must meet the USGA's definition of a club.


ACCESS azgolf

The Avid Golfer Passbook is for golfers who want to save money on golf and golf-related products and services in Arizona. With 250 rounds of golf and 35 courses, the AG Passbook is a necessity for any golfer.