Hole-by-Hole Score Posting Now Available

The Arizona Golf Association has just launched Hole-by-Hole score posting access through the AGA’s website, AZgolf.org. This release enhances the posting options available to players, expanding the offering to post your round Hole-by-Hole, as an alternative to Total Score entry. Posting your round in this manner is recommended, as it produces a several benefits for the player and their affiliated club(s):

  1. The AZgolf.org website will automatically adjust a player’s entry if they enter a hole score that exceeds the maximum allowed for WHS posting purposes (Net Double Bogey), taking any necessary Maximum Hole Score adjustment calculations out of the player’s hands.

  2. Hole-by-Hole score posting also enhances the capabilities to track player stats with a breakdown of Par 3/4/5 performance, plus several additional metrics available through fellow posting outlet: GHIN mobile app.

  3. The ranking of Stroke Index Allocation listings which designate where players receive their handicap strokes is dictated exclusively by the local club. To aid in local efforts to populate the most applicable sequence of ranking, an analysis of player HBH scoring information is recommended for use. Therefore, by entering your score in this manner, it not only provides the additional benefits outlined, but also is likely to be used in a future analysis by your club to produce published Stroke Index Allocation rankings for the home course.

  4. HBH score posting functionality will also be released within the Arizona Golf Association Mobile App, via download of a pending Update, likely to be released by mid-April. Stay tuned!

    Note*- If you do not yet see Hole-by-Hole posting option available, please seek out the available UPDATE that must be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet device for the Arizona Golf Association app to afford that new posting option.

The above example demonstrates Hole-by-Hole posting capability now available at AZgolf.org. Please note- the site will automatically adjust in any instance where the player’s actual hole score input exceeds the Maximum Hole Score allowed for WHS posting purposes: Net Double Bogey- double bogey of the hole plus any handicap strokes the player is entitled (Reference: Hole 11)