The Arizona Golf Association and GolfTec would like to share a collection of golf tips, video instruction and insights to help you enjoy the game.

Gain More Distance and Consistent Contact with Straight Arm Drill

GOLFTEC’s VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater compares the elbow bends of a higher handicap to a PGA Tour pro, and gives this Drill for straighter arms and more consistent contact.

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Downswing Hand Path Drill

GOLFTEC’s Director of Teaching Quality, Patrick Nuber, demonstrates a drill focused on hand path using just a wall that will help you rid yourself of that dreadful slice and encourage a draw.

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Keeping Your Head Down is a Myth

Director of Teaching Quality, Patrick Nuber, busts the myth that keeping your head down in your swing is actually a good thing. On the contrary, it’s actually going to promote some bad swing habits. Nuber breaks down what you should really be doing with your head throughout the swing.

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Making the Turn: GOLFTEC Student Story Featuring Seung

Making the Turn presented by GOLFTEC chronicles the golf journey of Seung. He’s been working with his Coach, Matt for over two years and Matt says he has the most drive for the game of golf he’s seen out of anyone who’s not a golf professional. Starting with a handicap of 25, Seung is now a 12-13 with a goal of becoming a scratch golfer. This is his story.

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