GHIN Digital Profile Launch

Having trouble logging into or GHIN mobile app?

Effective January 11th, 2021, USGA-GHIN has new login requirements for and Updated GHIN Mobile app, referred to as a Digital Profile. Please navigate to or download the new GHIN mobile app (version 4.1) and proceed through the steps outlined below. website & GHIN Mobile App (v. 4.1)

  • 1. Click CREATE PROFILE button.
  • 2. Input 2/3 account information fields requested
  • 3. An email from [email protected] will be sent to your address on file
  • 4. Open the registration email, click the link within and set your personal password

If you have any issues in this Digital Profile registration process, review the noted technical issues, below, presently impacting some members:

Registration Email Delivery

If you follow steps 1-2 and are not seeing the registration email in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder in case it is being rerouted to that location. If still not present anywhere in your email account within a few minutes of using the Create Profile account identification process listed above, reach out to AGA staff [email protected] and provide your Name, GHIN #, email address and a notation that you are not receiving the registration email and we will prospect an alternative method to assist with the establishment of the Digital Profile credential.

No ‘Create Profile’ button is present on my GHIN app

If you are not seeing the Create Profile button on the login page of your GHIN app, this verifies you have not downloaded the newest version recently released. If you cannot locate the Update on your mobile device, simply delete the current GHIN app and re-download from scratch which will expose the Create Profile button to begin the registration process.

Account identification on AGA Posting Kiosk

If you are searching for your account through the posting kiosk at the course and Name or Local Number input does not generate appropriate results, please use your GHIN number for the time being, which should properly return your record to proceed through score posting.

GHIN Digital Profile FAQs

Score Posting for Minors (12 y/o and under) when Digital Profile launches

In tandem with the GHIN Digital Profile release anticipated shortly after the first of the year, the ability to post scores and communicate with Minors (12 years old or under) will be changing. Per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), golfers designated as Minors will not be able to provide an email address, create a digital profile, or directly access GHIN Golfer Products (Kiosk, GHIN Mobile App,, AGA Mobile App or Instead, their profile must be linked to a Guardian (19+ years old) who can then access the golfer products and post on their behalf. A Minor is defined as a golfer who is under 13 years of age per the date of birth in their GHIN golfer profile.

A new Guardian Management field will be introduced within GHIN in late-October to provide adequate time to link a guardian to each minor before digital profiles are introduced in January 2021.

Included below are suggestions of how you and your club can prepare for this change:

  1. Please verify the birthdate listings on all accounts on your local roster are correctly reflected. If any accounts were inappropriately setup with an erroneous birth date that indicates the adult golfer is <19 years old (a ‘Junior’), or <13 years old (a ‘Minor’), their record will need to be edited with input of a factual birthdate to avoid them being negatively impacted by this new policy’s limitations on account access beginning in January.
  2. Also, begin review of any players on your roster who are indeed Juniors or Minors. We (AGA) will be reaching out over the next 2 months to gather the following information to affiliate any of these records with a designated Guardian in order to facilitate future posting and account management access with the launch of the Digital Profile in January:
  • GHIN Number for Guardian (if available) – the guardian does not have to be a GHIN member
  • Guardian’s first and last name
  • Email address of Guardian
  • Guardian’s relationship to minor (e.g. parent, coach)

Training materials and additional supporting documentation will be shared over the next two months as it becomes available. At the present time, please begin by reviewing the Minor/Guardian FAQ’s for insight to the details of this upcoming requirement and the GHIN Preview-Minor/Guardian document for an initial overview of how the GHIN software will manage these relationships.