GHIN Digital Profile Launch

Having trouble logging into or GHIN mobile app?

Effective January 11th, 2021, USGA-GHIN has new login requirements for and Updated GHIN Mobile app, referred to as a Digital Profile. Please navigate to or download the new GHIN mobile app (version 4.1) and proceed trough the steps outlined below. website & GHIN Mobile App (v. 4.1)

  • 1. Click CREATE PROFILE button.
  • 2. Input 2/3 account information fields requested
  • 3. An email from [email protected] will be sent to your address on file
  • 4. Open the registration email, click the link within and set your personal password

If you have any issues in this Digital Profile registration process, review the noted technical issues, below, presently impacting some members:

Registration Email Delivery

If you follow steps 1-2, and are not seeing the registration email in your inbox, there may be a temporary delay due to the number of registrations currently being processed across the country. If several hours have passed, please add: [email protected] to your Contacts list, click ‘Forgot Login Information’ on the login page and check your inbox again later in the day. If still not present, your email account or Internet Service Provider may be blocking transmission. Please remain patient as GHIN staff works through this delivery issue. In the meantime, you may still post scores through the AGA kiosk on site, AGA website ( or AGA mobile app.

Account identification on AGA Posting Kiosk

If you are searching for your account through the posting kiosk at the course and Name or Local Number input does not generate appropriate results, please use your GHIN number for the time being, which should properly return your record to proceed through score posting.

Further Information on Frequently Asked Questions related to GHIN Digital Profile

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