General Description

Each member club is entitled to appoint a Delegate/Representative to represent its club and its members’ interests to the Association’s Executive Committee and participate in other activities as invited from time to time by the Executive Committee.

Delegates/Representatives are charged with being the communications link between the Executive Committee and their constituents, club and/or course. They will receive regular communications from the AGA, are expected to share it with their constituents, and convey issues back to the Association, including responding to surveys, from time to time.

Attendance at the Annual Meeting is encouraged.

Club Admins in Golf Nations can now

view and edit club officers

Here is a short video tutorial on how to make changes to your club officers as well as add billing contacts and other club administrators.


Delegate Representative Manual
Download the 2021 Delegate Representative Resources Manual.
Delegate Representative Workshop PresentationDownload the 2021 Delegate Representative PowerPoint presentation for future reference.
Club Visit Request FormIt is important for the AGA to understand the wants and needs of our member clubs as well as share information and training on the tools that are available to assist officers in the administration of their club. AGA staff will be in your area throughout the year to meet with your club officers at a time that is convenient for you. Please fill out the form to indicate your club’s availability.
AGA Men’s Tournament ScheduleDownload the AGA Men’s Tournament Schedule.
AGA Women’s Tournament ScheduleDownload the AGA Women’s Tournament Schedule.
AGA Senior Cup Series ScheduleDownload the AGA Senior Cup Series Schedule.
Quick Situation Rules Card
Download the AzRC Quick Situation Rules Card.
Hole in One Submission Form
Report a Hole-in-One by filling out the online form. Click on the button to the left.
Club Officer Roster Form
AGA Delegates/Representatives can update their club officer rosters and staff contacts by filling out the online form. Keeping these contacts current helps staff keep our database up to date and your club officers informed.
Medallion Order Form
Women’s Club Representatives can order Medallions by submitting the online form to the left.
State Medallion Conditions
Download the Conditions of Competition for the Women’s Local Club State Medallion qualifiers and the Women’s Club State Medallion Tournament to the left.
Medallion Spreadsheet
The State Medallion spreadsheet is an easy way to track the scores during your Local State Medallion qualifiers and figure out your net and gross winners. Click on the button to the left to download.