2019 Rebate Request

The Arizona Golf Association and Arizona Women’s Golf Association will continue to offer a Multi-Member Rebate Program for any members who belong to more than one club in the state of Arizona. The membership dues for each additional club joined will be $15.  
Beginning January 1, 2019, membership and rebate policies will be as follows:

Member Dues:  Individuals are required to pay full AGA/AWGA member fees to each of their Arizona clubs.
Club Billings:  Clubs will be required to pay full member fees for each activated player on their roster at the time of association billing, regardless if the player is also a member of another club.   
Eligible Memberships: 

Only club memberships activated prior to July 1 will be eligible for a rebate, as memberships activated after that date are at a prorated amount.
A member who belongs to a 9 Hole Club and an 18 Hole Club is not considered a multiple member and is not eligible for a rebate for either membership.
Rebate Requests:  Rebate requests may only be submitted by the individual member, either online or by mail between January 1 – December 1.
Rebate Payments:  Rebate checks will be issued beginning July 1, provided full payment has been received from each of the member’s active clubs. This is to maximize time for all clubs to remit payment on invoices.
Online Options: If an individual joins multiple clubs that all utilize the online signup program, the rebate will be handled immediately upon signup.