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“Thursday nights are the best part of my week, hands down. It’s a great group of guys, it’s awesome for networking, and my handicap is at an all-time low!”

Mark Peterson – VP of Sales, HoneyWell

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June 5, 2017

Member Day Event

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June 5, 2017

Member Day Event

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June 5, 2017

Member Day Event

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The Country Club at DC Ranch debuts new Nine-Hole Course: Making Golf Fast and Fun



For more information, contact:

Melanie Halpert (The Country Club at DC Ranch) …………..(480) 342 -7246  [email protected]



Making Golf Fast and Fun

The Country Club at DC Ranch debuts new Nine-Hole Course

Making Golf Fast and Fun


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (January 2020) In today’s fast paced society, everyone is always looking for ways to squeeze more time into a day. The golf industry has seen a big movement in creating opportunities for golfers to play the game either on a shorter course or in less time than your traditional 4 hours. In keeping with this trend, The Country Club at DC Ranch has introduced two new opportunities to make the game of golf fast and fun.


Introducing the Horseshoe! The Country Club at DC Ranch debuted its a nine-hole, short course this Winter. In continuing with The Club’s brand, the short course was named, The Horseshoe. Featuring nine holes ranging from 54 to 104 yard and designed by Greey/Pickett, this course is perfect for a relaxing, fun, quick round of golf. Great for beginner golfers, wine and dines, family golf, lessons, Juniors, and Seniors; this course is an excellent fit for the diverse Membership at The Country Club at DC Ranch. Making golf more approachable is key. Members are busier than ever and want an opportunity to play even if they do not have 4 hours to commit. This is a perfect fit. Those golfers new to the sport, may be intimidated to play a traditional course. The short course will allow for a fun opportunity to learn and enjoy the game. The Horseshoe features the same tif eagle Bermuda grass putting surface greens like the main course. Fronting these 9 greens, are sand bunkers for a similar look that members would experience on a traditional golf course. Other additions to the Practice Park included: an 8500 square foot practice putting green, an increase practice tee space and a larger short game area with 2 chipping greens and greenside bunkers.  This enhanced practice area gives members plenty of space and opportunity to improve their game.

In addition to the Horseshoe, the Club recently presented the Gold Tees to its Membership.  The new golf tees play to a yardage of 3969 yards, 1100 yards shorter than the red tees and approximately 3000 yards shorter than the black tees.   This new tee is a great option for players of all ages and ability levels including our Junior golfers.  The Gold Tee Box, gives members the opportunity to play and get on the green in regulation more often.  The Gold Tee is rated at 60.5 with a slope of 98 for men and is rated at 61.6 and a slope of 100 for the women.


In keeping with The Club’s objective in making golf approachable for all levels, The Horseshoe and Gold Tees do just that.  The Country Club at DC Ranch continues to be at the forefront of what a modern Club should look and feel like.  The Club continues to welcome all players of every level, while still boasting a very competitive opportunity for those with low handicaps.


Genuine, welcoming and warm in spirit, The Country Club at DC Ranch celebrates families and friends coming together to enjoy the best of times in a truly distinctive setting – including golf on DC Ranch’s classic course layout, redesigned by Tom Lehman and John Fought. It is one of the most classically designed courses in the Valley – resulting in a golf experience that is aesthetically more interesting and strategically more challenging.

Poised prominently on a knoll near the McDowell Mountains, The Country Club at DC Ranch’s stunning Ranch Hacienda Clubhouse, combines the most charming aspects of historic Arizona architecture with those of great Western resorts of the 1920’s and 30’s.


AWGA Members Join Page

2019 Join & Renew is Now Open!
Welcome to the Arizona Golf Assocaition online join and renew portal. We are excited about the integration between the AGA and AWGA and would like to help you through the new join process. 
Two things to remember:
1. YOUR CURRENT AWGA LOGIN CREDENTIALS WILL NOT WORK ON THE AGA SITE, unless you choose to use the same credentials when making a new profile.
2. If you have any problems along the way, please contact either the AGA at 602-944-3035 or the AWGA at 602-253-5655.

Now, let’s get started…what would you like to do?
If you are active in a club (AGA or AWGA) in Arizona and would like to renew that membership for 2019, you will need to log into the AGA website. 

I’ve Never Logged into the AGA site before:

Chances are, you have never been on the AGA site so you will need to set up a new profile.To create an AGA profile, click First Time Login. This will take you to a page where you will enter your GHIN number and Name. Once verified, you will be able to set up a username and password.

I already have a username and password to the Arizona Golf Association site:

If you’ve already established a username and password, just click Login.The link will take you back to our homepage – the login section is located on the top left of the page.


Click Join Now! to join a NEW club in Arizona for the first time, or to REACTIVATE a membership from prior to 2018. Use this link even if you are currently a member of a different club in Arizona. If you have a GHIN number from any club throughout the US, you will need to have that number handy when you go through the join process.

NOTE: Not all clubs allow members to pay online. If your club is not listed on the next page, you will have to join through the golf shop.


2019 AGA Billing Policies

As in past years, if your members join the AGA between October 1 and December 31, the dues will be $30.00 for ALL members (but see the attachment regarding revolving year clubs) However, if your club participates in the AGA’s Online Join/Renew (OJR) program whereby your membership pays their dues by going to the AGA website, we will not be opening that until November 1 this year. The reason for the delay is because the AWGA membership will be joining the AGA’s OJR and billing process so we need the month of October to finalize and upload their information to Golf Nations. If your club currently requires your members to pay dues at, please contact me to discuss how we can manage that process during October. Otherwise, your club administrator can add a new member to the roster in October and that member can pay the dues online in November.
2019 Membership Dues
Dues for 2019 will remain the same. However, as Betty’s information memo outline, 9-hole member clubs are now being turned into 18-hole clubs. Dues for all clubs will be $35.00 for 2019. Calendar year clubs will continue to receive an early payment discount between October 1 and December 31. A revolving year means that members that join any time during the year get their full value. If they join August 1, 2018 their membership would be good until July 31, 2019. The discounts below apply to calendar year clubs only.

AGA Dues

October 1 to Dec 31, 2018

January 1 to June 30

July 1 to September 30              

Clubs Will be Billed January 1 for Members on Their Active Roster
As in past years, clubs will be able to add and remove members at no charge between October 1 and December 31. However, you will be billed for any active, unpaid members on your roster as of January 1, 12:01 am EST. Our billing program makes it easy to set up your membership so you do not get charged for any unpaid members. The process is managed through Golf Nations and NOT the GHIN program. Just turn the Rollover Option to “off” in the billing program and the member will automatically be inactivated if payment has not been received.  
Refund Policy
Every year we have issues with clubs that forget to clean up their rosters. What clubs fail to realize is that we incur hard costs for those members in the first few weeks of the year. We have tried to be very generous with our refund policy. If you have not chosen to turn on the rollover feature and you have unpaid members as of January 1, 2019, they will show up in the Unbilled Sections of your transactions. You will have the entire month of January to inactivate those members in GHIN or Golf Nations without being charged. On January 31, you will be charged for those members. At that point, the following refund policy is automatically applied as follows:

If you deactivate a member within the current billing cycle, you will receive a full refund. (February 1 – February 28) 
If you deactivate a member next billing cycle, you will receive a 50% refund. (March 1 – March 31) 
If you deactivate a member any time after that second billing cycle, there will be NO refund. (any time after March 1)

Since we’re doing monthly billing, your club should have ample time to review the invoice for payment. We would recommend you include your membership chairman in the list of individuals to receive a copy of the invoice and encourage them to review it.
Are you tired of chasing after your members?
Then take advantage of our online join/renew feature that we have offered to clubs for the past several years. Sign up today and allow your members to go to and join your club or renew their membership. It’s quick and easy to do for the member and it makes your job easier. Not only do they pay their dues, but they update their profile information so YOU DON’T HAVE TO! You can have them pay the AGA only portion of your dues or we’ll collect the entire amount – plus, we can even set up some add-on fees for your club. What other things do you collect when they join? Skins games? President’s Cup? Hole in One Club? Whatever that is, we can collect it for you. You can make it mandatory for all members to join/renew that way or allow them to decide for themselves. Then we’ll settle up with you each month.  And the best part is that we cover your credit card charges! Many of our clubs are taking advantage of this member benefit and they love it. They don’t have to handle the money and they don’t have to update the member’s contact information. It’s all done for you! You receive an email notification immediately.
Multi-Member Rebates
The 2018 policy for multi-member rebates is as follows:

All members are required to pay full AGA member fees to EACH of their Arizona affiliated clubs.
Clubs are required to pay full member fees for each activated member on their roster at the time of association billing, regardless if the player is also a member of another Arizona affiliated club.
Only club memberships activated prior to July 1 will be eligible for a rebate.

Members who belong to another club in another state are NOT considered multi-members. Each association has a membership fee that provides various member benefits in addition to a Handicap Index calculation.
How to apply for the rebate

Rebate request may ONLY be submitted by the individual member, either online or by mail, between the dates of January 1 – December 1.
The AGA will withhold $15 for each additional Arizona Club Membership for which the member requests a rebate.
If an individual renews multiple clubs that all utilize the online renewal program, the rebate will be handled immediately upon the online renewal of his multiple clubs.

Discontinuance of Service
Any club whose account becomes 90 days past due may have their service interrupted for non-payment of fees without any further notice. All invoices are due within 30 days. Please direct any questions about the new billing process or your statements to:
Betty Saltzgiver AGA Accounting Department
Telephone: 602-944-3035 Ext 206
Email: [email protected]


2019 Rebate Request

The Arizona Golf Association and Arizona Women’s Golf Association will continue to offer a Multi-Member Rebate Program for any members who belong to more than one club in the state of Arizona. The membership dues for each additional club joined will be $15.  
Beginning January 1, 2019, membership and rebate policies will be as follows:

Member Dues:  Individuals are required to pay full AGA/AWGA member fees to each of their Arizona clubs.
Club Billings:  Clubs will be required to pay full member fees for each activated player on their roster at the time of association billing, regardless if the player is also a member of another club.   
Eligible Memberships: 

Only club memberships activated prior to July 1 will be eligible for a rebate, as memberships activated after that date are at a prorated amount.
A member who belongs to a 9 Hole Club and an 18 Hole Club is not considered a multiple member and is not eligible for a rebate for either membership.
Rebate Requests:  Rebate requests may only be submitted by the individual member, either online or by mail between January 1 – December 1.
Rebate Payments:  Rebate checks will be issued beginning July 1, provided full payment has been received from each of the member’s active clubs. This is to maximize time for all clubs to remit payment on invoices.
Online Options: If an individual joins multiple clubs that all utilize the online signup program, the rebate will be handled immediately upon signup.