Getting Started with AGA Tournaments

So you’re interested in learning more about AGA tournaments. Let us help you get started.

Types of Tournaments and Events
Whether you’re a good golfer looking for competitive championships and tournaments, an average player that just wants to enjoys some friendly competition or one that just wants to play “fun golf”, we’ve got something for you.
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Tournament Procedures
Everything you need to know about how we conduct our events can be found in our Tournament Regulations. Things like eligibility, entry and withdrawal procedures, how we do pairings, our Code of Conduct, how me manage pace of play can be found there….just find what you’re looking for in the Tournament Regulations.
Tournament Regulations Table of Contents.

How Do I Register and Pay the Entry Fees?
So you’ve found something that you want to play in. Most of our events allow you to sign up online. You will need to set up a username and password (this is different from the username and password that you set up to post scores). If you cannot sign up online, there will be information about how to enter on the tournament information page.
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Tournament Players Association
Are you planning to play in several AGA Tour Events? Then you should consider joining the Tournament Players Association. There are several levels of members from Basic to Par to Birdie to Eagle. All but the Basic also includes a membership in the TPA Men’s Club and includes a USGA Handicap.
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Still Have Questions?
The tournament staff at the AGA are happy to answer any questions you have. Call the office at 602-944-3035 or 800-458-8484 outside the Phoenix area and talk toMike Mason, Manager of Tournament Operations ([email protected]) or Andrew Polonec, Director of Rules and Competitions.