Scottsdale, Ariz. (March 27, 2019) – As the month of March draws to a close, Troon President Tim Schantz will officially move into his new role as chief executive officer of the world’s largest club management firm on April 1st, while Troon founder Dana Garmany becomes the company’s executive chairman.


Schantz has been with Troon since 1998 and has served as the company’s president since 2017. Prior to becoming president, he was the executive vice president of global business development for the 29-year-old management firm. Schantz has over 24 years of experience in the golf and hospitality industries, specializing in corporate and real estate transactions. Prior to joining Troon, Schantz served as vice president and senior corporate counsel for the Doubletree Corporation, a Phoenix-based lodging and hospitality company. A licensed attorney, Schantz began his career in the California offices of Latham & Watkins international law firm. Schantz received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado Boulder and his Juris Doctor in Law from the University of Kansas.


Garmany founded Troon in 1990 with Troon North Golf Club as its flagship property. Under Garmany’s leadership, Troon has become the world’s largest golf management company providing services at more than 360 locations around the globe, including managing 280 golf courses at 246 facilities. Throughout its history, Troon has earned a reputation for delivering pristine golf course conditions, personalized member services, outstanding food & beverage experiences and world-class retail offerings.


“I feel a personal responsibility to carry on Dana’s legacy, create value for him and the company, and maintain the feeling that we’re part of something very special that one guy started 29 years ago,” said Schantz. “Leading Troon will be a lot of responsibility, but it’s something I welcome. There are no dramatic changes planned. For Troon associates and our facilities, it’s business as usual with no big changes or reinventions.”


In his new role as executive chairman, Garmany will still be active with the company as he’ll continue to run board meetings and be a presence for Troon in the industry. He is the largest individual shareholder of the company.


“The timing is right for Tim to move into the role of CEO,” said Garmany. “He is a caring leader and a very smart dude. Troon is prepared and positioned for a strong future. As for me, I look forward to playing more golf, do some writing as a hobby and playing with a few bands I am involved with. That really is fun for me.”


Troon’s portfolio of companies includes Troon Golf®, Honours Golf®, Troon Privé®, CADDIEMASTER®, Troon International®, True Club Solutions®, Cliff Drysdale Management® and RealFood Consulting. In addition to its headquarters in Scottsdale, Troon has offices in Irvine, California; Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; Birmingham, Alabama; Jacksonville, Florida; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Austin, Texas. Troon employs over 15,000 highly-skilled and dedicated individuals worldwide in every operational area from golf course maintenance to food & beverage, and management. Troon is also the largest employer of PGA professionals in the world.


About Troon

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., Troon is the world’s largest golf management company providing services at more than 360 locations around the globe, including managing 280 golf courses at 246 facilities. In addition to golf, Troon specializes in homeowner association management, private residence clubs, estate management and associated hospitality venues. Troon’s award-winning food and beverage division operates and manages more than 150 restaurants located at golf resorts, private clubs, daily fee golf courses and recreational facilities. With properties located in 35 states and 30 countries, divisions of Troon include Troon Golf, Honours Golf, Troon Privé (the private club operating division of Troon), Troon International, Cliff Drysdale Management and RealFood Consulting. There are currently 60 Troon-affiliated properties featuring 80 golf courses on national and international “Top 100” rankings. Troon-affiliated properties include Bayside Resort Golf Club in Selbyville, Delaware; Kapalua on Maui, Hawaii; Mauna Lani on the Kohala Coast on Hawaii; Pronghorn in Bend, Oregon; Lofoten Links in Norway; and Mollymook Golf Club in Australia. For additional news and information, visit, or connect with Troon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Blog, Press Room, or subscribe to Troon Magazine.


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Arizona Golf Association Presents First Networking Golf Clinics for Young Professionals





Arizona Golf Association Presents First Networking Golf Clinics for Young Professionals

March 4, 2019: Scottsdale, AZ – The Arizona Golf Association (AGA) has just finished their first official Happy Hour Golf Clinic, at Talking Stick Resort Golf Club in partnership with the Scottsdale Rising Young Professionals (SRYP), a program of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce for young professionals ages 23-­‐39. The golf clinic included 40 participants with four PGA professionals and the networking portion had approximately 60 participants.


“The average age of golfers in the United States is over 50,” AGA Executive Director, Ed Gowen stated. “There are some outstanding programs for children and teens in Arizona, but I felt there was a void for young professionals. The AGA feels it’s vital to attract young professionals to the game of golf because they are at a time in their life where they are finishing school, starting their careers, looking to make business connections, and enjoy life with their family and friends. Golf is the perfect solution and we feel creating these clinics is the right answer to grow our sport.”


AGA Happy Hour Golf Clinics are interactive, social events that allow golf courses and young professional networking groups to team up and host engaging 90 minute events that provide golf instruction, fun and building genuine relationships. The golf clinics consist of two 30-­‐minute sessions of basic instruction to the game of golf accompanied by the third session… Happy Hour.


“Golf is a valuable lifestyle tool that can assist in building relationships at all stages of life. Golf is also a vital part of the Scottsdale business community, both as an industry and as a networking tool,” said Julie Plummer, Program and Events Manager for the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce. “We found the event to be a perfect value add for our Scottsdale Rising Young Professionals. The turnout was great, and the energy of the event was so positive and powerful. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”


AGA Happy Hour Golf Clinics are open to any and all chambers of commerce and young professional organizations, groups, associations, and even companies. The AGA organize the program with a local golf course. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Colltey Sheldon at [email protected] or visit


About the Arizona Golf Association:

The Arizona Golf Association (AGA), which was founded in 1923, is a not-­‐for-­‐profit 501(c)(4) association that serves as the official governing body of amateur golf in Arizona. What started as a small group of  golfers who got together to run the annual Amateur Championship has grown to an association of more than 700 men’s and women’s clubs, serving nearly 80,000 individual members. Today the AGA is a volunteer-­‐based organization directed by amateur golfers passionately dedicated to promoting the game of golf and providing valuable benefits and services to its members.



The Washington Weekly Update

The Good and the Bad from the Senate’s 1099 Vote
After nearly six weeks away from Capitol Hill, Senators returned to work last Tuesday for what will likely be a short legislative session before they break again to campaign for re-election.  The first order of business upon their return was to vote on Sen. Mike Johanns’ (R-Neb.) repeal of the health care reform law’s new 1099 filing mandate.
As you know, this new mandate requires clubs to file a 1099 for each vendor they spend $600 or more with throughout the year.  The requirement begins in 2012 and it will add considerable time and cost to the administrative side of running a private club.  The purpose of the new requirement is to help ensure that companies receiving the money actually disclose it on their taxes.  (Shouldn’t that be the IRS’ job rather than the job of private clubs??)
NCA and its small business allies worked with Sen. Johanns to see that his repeal measure was brought forward for a vote.  Last Tuesday, that vote was held.  Unfortunately, his measure was filibustered by Senate Democrats.  To stop the filibuster and bring the legislation forward for a final vote, Sen. Johanns needed to secure 60 “yes” votes.  While the measure did attract five Democrats and all Republican Senators, the final tally was 46-52.  As such, the filibuster against it was not broken and the measure was pulled from further consideration.
To say the least, this result was not what we had hoped for and I want to thank all of our members who used NCA’s sample letter and communicated their support for the Johanns bill prior to the vote.  Thousands of individual small businesses and trade associations made their opposition to this onerous new mandate known, but a majority in the Senate felt it best to leave the health care reform bill unaltered.  Therefore, the 1099 provision will still go into effect beginning January 1, 2012.
This was the bad news coming from the Senate last week, but there was some good news – potentially.
After the vote on Sen. Johanns’ bill, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) came to the Senate floor and pointedly acknowledged that the 1099 provision should not have been included in the health care law and she said that she will work with Republicans to resolve this issue before the measure takes full effect in 2012.
NCA appreciates Sen. Landrieu’s perspective on this unfortunate employer mandate and we are pleased that another Democrat has come forward to acknowledge that this burdensome paperwork requirement thrust on America’s small businesses should not go into effect.  We will look forward to working with her as we try to convince other Senators that this provision should be fully repealed.  Let’s hope they listen…..
Extension of the Bush Tax Cuts Sets Off Major Debate among Senate Democrats
During a recent Democratic policy lunch, the debate over how to extend the Bush tax cuts hit a fevered pitch with various options being presented to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).
One option was an extension of the tax cuts only for those individuals making less than $200,000 and families making less than $250,000 – this is the President’s plan.  Another option was to permanently extend the tax cuts for those wage earners but to also extend the tax cuts for those making above that for an additional two years.  Another option, which has the support of all Republicans and at least five Democrats, was to permanently extend all of the tax cuts for all income earners. 
Naturally, NCA has supported the latter option.  There is no reason to remove those who own and invest in small businesses, create jobs and, most importantly, who traditionally join private clubs from receiving an extension of the tax cuts – especially in an economy that is slowly emerging from this recession.
With Senate Democrats unsure how they should address the issue, NCA and our allies on the Tax Relief Coalition have formulated a strategy to pursue those Senators who could join the five other Democrats and bring tax relief to all Americans before these tax cuts expire at the end of the year.
Should the tax cuts for high wage earning individuals expire on December 31, clubs with just 20 families making $500,000 could lose over $200,000 in club revenue.  Indeed, if those club members pay the new, higher tax with money they would have spent at their clubs, the entire club industry could be significantly impacted right at the time we can least afford it.
While we are pleased that there is bipartisan support in the Senate for an extension of all of the Bush tax cuts, 41 Republican Senators and five Democratic Senators do not add up to a majority.  So, there is much more to do before any vote and Majority Leader Reid has indicated that he wants a vote on this matter prior to their adjournment for the November elections, so stay tuned. 
Naturally, this is the number one agenda item for me between now and the end of this legislative session.  I’ll keep you posted….
The House is Back in Session – Sort of….
On September 13, the House of Representatives returned from the August recess.  However, for the last week that chamber has done little.  The biggest thing the Members accomplished was passing a resolution expressing the House’s condolence to the flood victims of Pakistan.  And, yes, there was some opposition to the resolution….
At this point, the House leadership seems content to allow the Senate to act first on legislation like the extension of the Bush tax cuts.  Having been the first to act on many other tough legislative initiatives, there seems to be a strong sentiment that the House has done enough heavy lifting for the 111th Congress.  Instead, the House will let the Senate take the political heat for voting on tough bills and, if those bills actually make it through, then House Members will take a look at them.
Clearly, this decision to wait on the sidelines for the Senate to act means the election year jitters have hit home for the House.  With only 44 days left until the election, House Members do not want to put any more fuel on the fire of voter discontent unless they have to.  With this legislative session only lasting until October 8, they may be able to keep their heads down until they leave…..
The President and Private Clubs
During the August Congressional recess, President Obama and his family took a much needed vacation to Martha’s Vineyard.  While there, the President spent more than a few days pursuing one of his favorite recreational activities: golf.  What was nice to see – especially with the tax cut debate coming – is that the President enjoyed a few rounds on a private course. 
It was great to see him enjoying our industry’s finer courses and we look forward to him supporting us in the months and years ahead…..

Brad D. Steele
VP of Government Relations & General Counsel