How to increase driving distance


Spring for distance


Driving the ball with authority

by Scott Sackett, golf instructor

Most golfers think that they swing their driver different than they do their irons. That is not the case. If I were to blindfold you and asked you to swing the club, I would want you to feel identical whether I handed you an 8-iron or a driver. The swing mechanics are identical.

What is important to understand is, because a driver is longer, it will naturally swing on a flatter plane; conversely, because an 8-iron is shorter, it will naturally swing on a steeper plane. Picture the driver looking more like a merry-go-round and an 8-iron looking more like a ferris wheel.

In order to become a great driver of the ball, there are some things that need to take place in the address position.

Ball needs to be more forward in the stance. This allows you to catch the ball on the up-swing.
Weight distribution at address needs to be 60/40 on the back foot. This allows for a wider takeaway with a larger arc.
Start with a wider base. The wide base encourages a shallower swing with and an elongated flat spot through the hitting area.
Hands slightly behind the ball. With the grip pointing approximately at your belt buckle this allows for a larger takeaway with an ascending blow through the impact area.
Tee it high and let it fly.