AWGA Members Join Page

2019 Join & Renew is Now Open!
Welcome to the Arizona Golf Assocaition online join and renew portal. We are excited about the integration between the AGA and AWGA and would like to help you through the new join process. 
Two things to remember:
1. YOUR CURRENT AWGA LOGIN CREDENTIALS WILL NOT WORK ON THE AGA SITE, unless you choose to use the same credentials when making a new profile.
2. If you have any problems along the way, please contact either the AGA at 602-944-3035 or the AWGA at 602-253-5655.

Now, let’s get started…what would you like to do?
If you are active in a club (AGA or AWGA) in Arizona and would like to renew that membership for 2019, you will need to log into the AGA website. 

I’ve Never Logged into the AGA site before:

Chances are, you have never been on the AGA site so you will need to set up a new profile.To create an AGA profile, click First Time Login. This will take you to a page where you will enter your GHIN number and Name. Once verified, you will be able to set up a username and password.

I already have a username and password to the Arizona Golf Association site:

If you’ve already established a username and password, just click Login.The link will take you back to our homepage – the login section is located on the top left of the page.


Click Join Now! to join a NEW club in Arizona for the first time, or to REACTIVATE a membership from prior to 2018. Use this link even if you are currently a member of a different club in Arizona. If you have a GHIN number from any club throughout the US, you will need to have that number handy when you go through the join process.

NOTE: Not all clubs allow members to pay online. If your club is not listed on the next page, you will have to join through the golf shop.