Stats FAQs

What’s a certified scoring average?
It is an adjusted scoring average, weighted toward more recent scores and current playing trends. A golfer’s score is adjusted for the par and length of the golf course played and reflects the player’s ability to make par on a given hole compared to other players of similar ability. (Please note, this is not a USGA Handicap Index.)

How is it calculated?
Each score is adjusted for yardage and par against an overall average for courses. Then, the scores played are evaluated on a historical basis to predict more accurately your next score.

Can I predict my likely score?
Yes, ACCESS AZgolf Stats can look at your current scoring average and predict what your next score is likely to be. Just click on "predict my score," enter either the course and tees, or the yardage and par of the golf course you are going to play. The program will predict your score within a few strokes.

Can I check the scoring records of my golf buddies?
Yes. We have included a feature to look up the 10 most recent scores and current stats of your golf buddies. Want to keep an eye on how they are playing? Now you can keep track of their certified scoring average right on your home page. From the "score watch" section of the home page, select "add pro/buddy to your home page." You can display up to three buddies at one time.


ACCESS AZgolf Stats

Tiger Woods has one. Arnold Palmer has one. So does Jack Nicklaus, Annika Sorenstam, Phil Mickelson and Lorena Ochoa. And now, you can have one of your own—a certified scoring average.

ACCESS AZgolf stats gives you a convenient way to measure your performance and track key stats. Now you can check your predicted score before you negotiate your strokes and the wager. After the round you can check your report card to see how you played.

How do you get access to stats? Get ACCESS AZgolf!