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Then join the club that brings 75,000 golfers together, the Arizona Golf Association. Obtain your golf handicap index today and enjoy playing socially, in club and competitive events throughout the year. Golf is a game for people of all ages and abilities. A golf handicap allows people to compete and play with players of any skill level. Get your handicap today and enjoy more golf tomorrow.


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As an alternative to a private club, you can join the AGA through a local public golf facility near you. Each Club sets their own prices and receives both AGA and public club benefits as well as a USGA Handicap Index.

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AZ Golf Club

If you don’t consistently play at one course, join the AZ Golf Club online. You will receive our Member Benefits along with your USGA Handicap Index.

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If you were previously an AGA member and just want to renew your membership at the same club or would like to join a different club, click the link below or navigate to member login on our home page.

*Note: Some clubs are not set up for online renewal. If that is the case for your club, you will need to contact the club directly.

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