2020 provided us with the opportunity to look for creative ways to engage our membership. It has been apparent that members want more events so the AZ Golf Virtual Tour was born. We know golf tournaments are a great way to bring people together, have a good time, and enjoy the sport we love. While part of the fun of a traditional golf tournament is the camaraderie and quality time spent with others, the fact is, we are more willing than ever to find new ways to enjoy the sport. Check it out below.

What is a Virtual Golf Tournament?

A virtual golf tournament is just like a traditional tournament, but golfers can play their round at any time within the date range allotted. The score is kept by the golfer and submitted digitally by posting their score to their Handicap record before a set deadline.

Benefits of Virtual Golf Tournaments:

Convenience & Flexibility – Golfers can participate in the tournament whenever they’d like, as long as their score is submitted prior to the ending date of the event. Golfers have the freedom to choose the time and day that they participate. This opens the doors for those that typically would not be able to participate, such as people who work weekends or other types of limiting schedules. A virtual tournament provides a great deal of flexibility, which allows more players to participate.

Virtual Golf Tournaments are Not a Replacement for Traditional Golf Tournaments:

We are not saying virtual golf tournaments are a replacement for the real thing. Virtual golf tournaments are a way to encourage golfers to play more golf and earn points that can be redeemed for prizes from AGA sponsors and partners. (more information below)

How to Earn Points and Prizes:

The player’s USGA Handicap Index and/or Course Handicap are used to determine the player’s final event score. Points are awarded based on participation and a finish in the top 25. Points will accrue and prizes will be awarded two times per year, June and December.


Virtual Tour points

6th – 10th25
11th – 25th10