Our Staff


Joe Foley

Executive Director

Alex Tsakiris

Assistant Executive Director

Daniel Shoup

Director of Accounting & Administration

Susan Woods

Accounting Manager – Accounts Receivable

Sharon Goldstone

Customer Relationship Manager

Vivian Kelly

Administrative Assistant – Accounts Payable

Robyn Noll

Director of Business Resources

Kathy Laux

Customer Relationship Administrator

Peg Tanner


Communications and Marketing

Chris Montgomery

Director of Marketing & Partnerships

David Bataller

Director of Communications

Brandon Genson

Communications Manager


Anj Brown

Managing Director of Outreach

Amy Fruhwirth

Program Manager

Meagan McEnery

Program Manager


Le Ann Finger

Director of Golf Operations

Logan Rasmussen

Director of Rules & Competitions

USGA Services

Derek McKenzie

Managing Director of USGA Services

Mike Mason

Director of USGA Services