WHS Club Assessment Survey

You have accessed the 2022 Club Assessment Survey, this year’s Annual WHS-Club Compliance requirement. At least (1) club roster representative must fill out the following linked survey, identifying a local point of contact for roster oversight this year in order to remain in compliant status.

Take the 2022 Assessment Survey

Assessment Survey – Frequently Asked Question’s

Who should take the assessment survey?

Ideally the club roster administrator who is serving as the Handicap Chairperson, but can be any local representative who serve in an oversight role.

How can I access the assessment survey?

By clicking the button above, you will be transferred to the survey’s login page. The Username will be your roster’s assigned Club ID/Number, a 5-digit value referenced within the Account tab of the GHIN Admin Portal site (also listed in the blue button below).

The Password for use will be: 2022Assessment!

*(please include all characters exactly as shown as this is case sensitive).

Club ID Assignments

When is the deadline to complete the survey for my roster to remain in WHS-compliance?

The assessment survey should take no longer than 5-minutes to complete and must be accomplished in full for each WHS roster by: June 30th, 2022.

If I represent more than one club, should I fill out the survey for each roster affiliation?

As the survey response is specific to each independent roster’s compliance status, please plan to submit a separate survey response for each roster to assure both are reflected as fully compliant for 2022.