USGA Announces Changes to the Rules of Amateur Status

The R&A and the USGA are pleased to announce significant changes to the Rules of Amateur Status, becoming effective: January 1, 2022. These changes result from a multi-year modernization initiative that identified a clear need to bring the Rules up to date to reflect today’s global amateur game and ensure that the Rules are easier to understand and apply. Continue below to explore resources to​ familiarize yourself with the latest changes.


FULL Rules of Amateur Status pdf

More Resources about Amateur Status here:


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Member Benefits: Travel with the AGA to TPC Danzante Bay in 2022

If you liked the Mayan Palace Member trip then you’re going to love the latest AGA Golf Experience!

The latest AGA Golf Experience has you headed to play rounds at the scenic TPC Danzante Bay Golf Resort while you stay beachfront at the Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa in Loretto Bay, Mexico January 23 – January 27, 2022.

Registration includes four nights lodging at the Villa del Palmar at The Islands of Loreto, three rounds of golf at TPC Danzante Bay with cart and range privileges, daily golf contests and prizes, the all-inclusive meal plan, one Danzante upgrade per person, airport transfers, and all taxes and fees. Options also include with or without airfare.


For more details on the trip click here:

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World Handicap System, Multi-Member Account Setup Recommendations

For golfers who host multiple WHS-roster affiliations, it is a player requirement to have all scores logged to all WHS-records at all times, in order to assure that an official WHS Handicap Index® is being assigned through each outlet. Please note that if multiple independent records are currently in the WHS (GHIN) database, the ability to streamline this dual-record management IS available by requesting a merge/link of all your WHS accounts together. To accomplish this request, please issue the following information to: [email protected], dependent upon where your secondary WHS record is housed (U.S. vs. Canada-based roster):

Secondary Record ALSO from United States

If BOTH records are being assigned from United States-based WHS roster(s), identify the ‘GHIN’ member numbers assigned to each, then provide them to AGA staff ([email protected]), further indicating if you have a preference of which member number should be retained in the forthcoming record ‘merger’. Once accomplished, you’ll then just retain a singular/shared account with all new score and Handicap Index assignments reflected mutually across ALL U.S.-based WHS roster affiliation(s). Note*– For dual-members from: Wisconsin State Golf Association, Chicago District Golf Association or Indiana Golf Association each do not use ‘GHIN’ handicap software locally), please reach out to your out-of-state Association staff contact and request your ‘Handicap ID’ assignment, used for this merger process but may be different than the assigned WSGA/CDGA/IGA ‘member number’ on the localized handicap technology platform in use within these regions. The ‘Handicap ID’ will be the value needing to be issued to the AGA to formalize the merger.

Secondary Record from Canada
RELATED: Arizona/Canada WHS Account Linking Recommendations

If your secondary WHS-account is from Canada, although we cannot fully ‘merge’ these records together, there is an ability to setup a background ‘link’ within each account to accommodate the sharing of all new score postings/handicap index assignments moving forward. To accomplish this US-Canada account ‘link’ setup, please complete the following (4) steps, in this preferred order:

Step 1- Confirm that your Arizona Golf Association-based record is currently in ‘Active’ status and retrieve your ‘GHIN’ number assignment, needed for step 2.

Step 2- Contact your Provincial Golf Association staff in Canada and supply them with your Arizona-based GHIN number, requesting that they add it as a Canada-US ‘link’.

Step 3- Ask your Golf Canada staff to also provide you with your designated ‘NETWORK ID’, the value that is used for these linking purposes and is often times an alternative 6-9 digit value that may be different than the standard Golf Canada Member Number personally in use (link will not function without the ‘NETWORK ID’, in particular).

Step 4- Supply Arizona Golf Association staff ([email protected]) or your AZ-based club administrator with the ‘NETWORK ID’ that Golf Canada staff has confirmed is assigned to you. In turn, that ID will be input in the background of your GHIN record to complete the two-way linking process.

In summary, any golfer in the World Handicap System should only ever host a singular scoring record/Handicap Index assignment, even in the case of hosting multiple active club roster affiliations. If both records are resident through US-based rosters, an official ‘merger’ into one record is possible, or if the secondary record is based in Canada, an account ‘link’ may be setup to share all new score postings and Handicap Index assignments. Please contact AGA Staff ([email protected]) to present any linking request or if you have any questions that have been prompted.

More World Handicap System Resources at


Back-to-Back Arizona / Utah Shootout Titles for Team AGA

MARICOPA, Arizona – A strong AGA Team pulled off an impressive title defense at Ak-Chin Southern Dunes Golf Club for the 2021 Arizona / Utah Shootout matches. The matches, originally to be played in Utah in November, had to be postponed to December. Hats off to the Utah Golf Association and co for making the extra effort to come down and keep the annual Shootout on the calendar, it was a great contest between the sides.

The following 12 golfers made up Team Arizona:

  • Totlis, Tori
  • Krapfl, Robin
  • Walicki, Adam
  • Wooldridge, Tyler
  • O’Donnell, Sean
  • Natarajan, Shankar
  • Martin, Michael
  • Kamin, Chris
  • Howard, Brett
  • Benton, Jeff
  • Candelaria, Abe
  • Galbraith, David

    The shootout format has teams play Four Ball Matches and Foursomes Matches first and then finishes with Singles matches, making for two full days of competition. Team Arizona stayed ahead throughout each portion of play to win overall with 45.5 points to Utah’s 25.5 points. A substantial 19 point difference.