WHS/GHIN Product Launch Update – Known Issues as of 3/24/2020

WHS/GHIN Product Launch Update

Known Issues as of 03/24/2020


As you may already be aware, since the official launch of the World Handicap System (WHS) and affiliated GHIN software platform in January, there have been continuing efforts underway to correct various technical discrepancies as well as develop additional features and functionality to aid in the user experience of each member.  In an effort to be transparent with these ongoing tasks, the following is a consolidated listing of identified issues currently present in the GHIN software.  Regular updates to the platform continue to be expected moving forward to remediate each of these cases and ultimately provide enhancements to the current product.  Additional communication(s) will be afforded as noted progress is made.  Please feel free to report any undocumented localized technical discrepancies to AGA staff to assure these are being accounted for in this update process.



Template Reporting

Corrected JReport Login prompt issue

Most Improved Golfer Report- properly recognize active player roster in timeframe selected


Centralized Computation

Fixed issue with posting being deleted when HBH score edited

9-hole short course posting rejecting as intended


Admin Portal

Released ‘Alerts’ messaging and tools


UPCOMING RELEASES (anticipated every 2-3 weeks)


Product Enhancements

  • Additional stats based upon filtered scoring record selected
  • Manual Total Score Posting and Course Handicap Calculation ( & mobile)
  • Printable version of digital WHS Handicap Card (
  • Direct linking capability between US & Golf Canada records (Admin Portal)
  • Local Number and Name Lookup added to Rapid Score Entry (Admin Portal)
  • GHIN numbers displayed for fully credentialed users (Admin Portal)




Golfer Products (GHIN site, kiosk, app)

  • Suffix not appearing in Golfer Lookup.
  • Select members unable to access Handicap History section (GHIN Android app).
  • Issues with Club Membership filter within Golfer Lookup when there are multiple roster affiliations (Android & iOS).
  • Default state within Golfer Lookup based on “Home Club” rather than member accessing app (Android & iOS).


Centralized Computation

  • After a Penalty Score has been posted, the subsequent standard overnight account revision is not prompting for recalculation.
  • If a golfer’s current Handicap Index = WD (withdrawn by Committee) and scores are posted to the scoring record, the WD setting is not properly being referenced and as a result erroneously applies an ESR adjustment to the new posting(s).


Admin Portal

  • When adding a golfer, a blank page displays if a birthdate is added after entering an email address that would make the golfer a minor (12 and under).
  • An email address should not be required when adding a junior golfer (13-18 years of age).
  • In isolated cases email address corrections cannot be made.
  • In some situations, a Handicap Index modification (M) cannot be removed, even though a message says the action was successful.
  • When a local number is removed, and the blank data field is saved, the original local number remains.
  • Some unique instances of erroneous Course Rating or Slope values being omitted from Score Maintenance display.
  • Audit log shows ‘System’ rather than the username who materially took this action and does not properly record all transactions in certain cases within the audit log.
  • Merging a golfer who has already had (2) accounts previously merged is not available to be processed again.
  • If golfer does not have a birthdate listed and the account is merged, an updated birthdate listing of 01/01/0001 is displayed.
  • Reactivating an inactive golfer through the ACCOUNT tab – CLUB MEMBERSHIPS section has shown some issues displaying appropriate H.I. (NH initially shown).


Template Reports in Admin Portal

  • Unable to run the Handicap Index Course Handicap report for 9-hole CH conversions.
  • When running the Roster Report the first page of the roster may be blank on the preview. All golfers should be present when the report is exported.
  • Formatting issues across template report exports (custom formatting not available or recognized).
  • Instances identified where users are presented with a login screen when accessing template reports. **If this occurs, please try using another internet browser (Firefox-preferred, Chrome or Edge).
  • There are several template reports where a golfer’s calculated ‘Low H.I.’ is not properly being reflected.




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