Four Ways to make a Birdie on a Budget

By Gillian Vance, USGA P.J. Boatwright Jr. Intern

Golf is said to be one of the greatest games ever played. It also has an unfair reputation as being one of the more expensive sports to play. In 2009, Golf Magazine reputed that the average golfer spends about $2,776 per year on golf related activities. The cost of golf clubs alone can put a massive dent in your wallet, in addition to of other equipment needed like golf balls, tees, ball markers, repair tools and so on. For those who choose to be a member of a private golf facility or country club, the initiation fee can be anywhere between $1,000 – $175,000 according to Golf Membership Spot. Here are some great ways to enjoy the game of golf on a fair budget.

  1. Play When Prices are Lower

In the hot Arizona off-season, with the increase in temperature comes a decrease in green fees and apparel prices. This is the time of year when people should consider playing great facilities when green fees are lower. Thanks to dynamic pricing in the Arizona golf industry, players may find lower prices throughout the day during the summer. Golf courses typically offer lower rates in the afternoon, after a certain time (i.e. 2pm). Get the biggest bang for your buck by playing in the afternoon/evening using twilight rates offered. Arizona is a great place to enjoy twilight golf as the prices are very reasonable and the scenery is breathtaking, however, the temperature will likely be warmer.

  1. Seek Various Discount Opportunities

There are many opportunities that golf courses offer for discounted golf. One great way to save big is by taking advantage of Frequent Player/Member Cards which may offer exclusive deals on apparel, rates, rental fees and more. Many club management companies and individual golf facilities offer these types of cards. The Arizona Golf Association offers a Membership Advantage program, allowing members the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive deals at incredible golf facilities and resorts such as Oakcreek Country Club, Sedona Golf Resort, and August’s offer, Trilogy at Vistancia. Be sure to look into these options as well as other offers at specific golf courses.

  1. Think about Golf/Sporting Goods Retailers

If you are looking for more affordable places to purchase golf-apparel or equipment, off-course retailers are an option worth considering. There is a great selection of golf apparel shops in Arizona with a greater variety of styles and sales.

  1. Pick Up Golf Tees

Collecting tees will save you as well. There is nothing more irritating than running out of golf tees. By picking up tees, you may save yourself from needing to purchase tees in the future.

Golf is a healthy hobby that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors, engage with your playing partners and release your competitive side. Not to mention, it is a wonderful tool for business purposes. However, golf does not have to be a game that breaks the bank. These tips are great to consider if you are looking to play the game more frequently and save a little money in the process.