Course Rating & Your Mobile App

Do You Use the GHIN App for Posting?

With the Rules of Golf Modernization taking full effect January 1st, an influx of courses may experience updates to USGA Course and Slope Rating assignments in order to align with any revised Penalty Area course setup changes.  Although these new rating values will be reflected in the standard course listings within all GHIN score posting outlets, users of the GHIN mobile app need to be mindful of the following:

When posting a score in the GHIN mobile app, to streamline the selection of a course & tee for the round a member may save one or more ‘Favorite Course’ listings (Click  icon in top left corner of app).
The USGA course and slope rating values that are present when the course is saved will remain in place for the duration of the entry being listed as a Favorite, even in the case of new assignments being issued to the course.  In order to pick up relevant rating changes within the Favorite section listing, members will need to remove (swipe right to left) and re-add the Favorite Course of their choosing, which will be repopulated with the up-to-date ratings.
The ‘Recent’ course search option in the GHIN app points directly to your scoring record and retrieves course and tee listings that have accompanied recent postings.  Please note that if course rating assignments have been modified but the score entries present on your account were logged prior to the update, you will need to use either the standard ‘Search’ or ‘Favorite Course’ (if repopulated as described above) selection options initially to assure your score is being logged with the correct assignments.  Once a new entry inclusive of revised rating values is present on your scoring record the ‘Recent’ course listing will again be an appropriate option to utilize for future postings.

Please communicate with your facility staff to identify if any changes to assigned local course and slope ratings will be occurring in 2019.  If so, re-save any Favorite Course listings and/or use the standard ‘Search’ lookup option within the GHIN mobile app to assure all new postings are accompanied with up-to-date ratings, thus promoting an accurate USGA Handicap Index is assigned at future revision dates.