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Over the past couple of months, Jeremy Anderson has shared a plethora of useful tips to help improve everyone’s golf game. During his time as a golf instructor, he has helped golfers of all skill levels take their game to the next level. Thus, it comes at no surprise that Jeremy was recently added to Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers list. Congratulations, Jeremy! Thank you for making an impact in the Arizona golf community.
See below how Jeremy helped Brianna and Paris improve their speed and consistency in their fourth lesson:
Brianna – Beginner
Brianna’s set up to the ball was much improved since the last lesson. Her shoulders, knees and balls of her feet were in line with each other creating the perfect foundation to generate speed. Over the course of the past four lessons, the overall shape of her golf swing also improved. The positioning of the golf club in her backswing was perfect and her right elbow was no longer down and behind her, instead it was level with her shoulder and more in front of her.

The problem came on the way down in the swing. She pulled the golf club down and a little bit behind her, forcing the head of the golf club to pitch over. This move also shifted the head of the club too far left as it made contact with the ball resulting in a miss hit. To fix this, Jeremy instructed Brianna to continue to bring her elbow out in front of her throughout the swing making the head of the golf club swing outward. This will help keep her from pulling the club and ensure the club head is facing straight when it makes contact with the ball.
Brianna’s club head speed has gone from 44 miles an hour in the first lesson to 66 miles per hour in the 4th lesson. This is a big improvement for a beginner first entering the game of golf.
Paris – Intermediate
Since the start of the lessons, Paris has heavily relied on her arms to do most of the work in her swing. Although the arms seem like the main focal point, the rest of the body plays a pivotal role in power and aim. Paris has worked on getting her hips more incorporated into her swing by increasing her hip rotation at the point of impact with the ball. Jeremy instructed her to keep her hips back and to the right in her backswing, then think about swinging the hips open to the left in the follow through. Paris has found that overexaggerating a movement will help her body learn the necessary muscle memory which helped in this particular situation. The combination of opening up the left leg and swinging the hips before impact has helped send the ball farther and straighter.
Most of the time, Paris dips her right shoulder down before contact with the ball in the hopes it will help her get underneath the ball and generate more lift. Unfortunately, dipping the shoulder too much increases the chance of hitting the ground before making contact with the ball resulting in a miss hit. To fix this Jeremy told her to think about keeping her shoulders parallel with the ground upon impact. It is okay to have a small dip in your shoulders throughout your swing, but too much of a dip will do more damage than good.
As overseeding comes to an end, and temperatures cool down, an appointment with Jeremy is the perfect way to get ready for your fall and winter golf outings. Whether you’re an eager beginner or an experienced amateur, you will be sure to find the right guidance to improve your game. 
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