9 Golf Workouts that Will Improve Your Game by Lucy Wyndham

9 Exercises for a Better Golf Game by Lucy Wyndham 
24.9% of golfers surveyed in 2017 stated that they believed that buying the right equipment could immediately improve their game. However, sometimes your golf game isn’t a reflection of your skills or even of the equipment you’re using. Sometimes your game is a reflection of your physical fitness, and one of the best ways to give your game a boost is to improve your fitness routine. Here are 9 outstanding exercises for a better golf game. 
Cardio & Weight Lifting Combo
This is a great option for golfers looking to lose weight while gaining muscle. Try to dedicate yourself to train only one muscle group each day while adding cardio exercises before and after the workout. This will allow you to build both endurance and strength.
Leg Swings
Great for warming up and strengthening your leg and hip flexibility, leg swings offer you the chance to improve mobility from your legs all the way up to your lower back, which is great for a golfer wanting to improve their swing speed. It’s a fairly easy exercise to complete, making it a great option for golfers who are just starting out stretching.
Swiss Ball Russian Twist
This exercise not only works your core, but it works your hamstrings, glutes, back and hips. Working out your hips can allow you to improve flexibility and spine rotation, which is crucial in a great golf swing. The exercise involves utilizing rotational strength in your core to work other muscle groups.
Arm Bar With Screwdriver
This is one of the best exercises for shoulder stability, and as an added bonus, you can work out your core and hip flexors. You’ll need a kettlebell for this exercise, and it is suggested most for golfers who have suffered from a shoulder injury or are prone to shoulder pain.
This one is a must, as it will help prevent “golfer’s elbow.” You’ll want to start out standing up. Bend down at the waist and put your hands on the Slowly walk your hands out into a pushup position. Then, making sure to keep your knees straight, walk your toes toward your hands. Repeat 10 times!
Glute Bridge
If you do a lot of sitting at the office or have a long drive to get to the green, you’ll want to perform this exercise to stretch out your glutes before playing golf. Strong glutes lead to a strong core, which can lead to overall improved performance. There are many variations of a glute bridge, and as you get stronger you can continue to develop the exercise as it suits you best.
Hip Flexor Stretch
While playing golf, the range of motion in your trunk is related to the ability to generate club head speed. This means that it’s important to stretch and strengthen various muscle groups to increase flexibility and range of motion. Start by kneeling on one knee with the opposite foot out in front of you. Lean forward and push your hip forward until you feel a stretch. Hold for 30 seconds and then repeat with the other hip.
Medicine Ball Throws
Great for building explosive power that can transfer into your swing, medicine ball throws are a great way to increase power through hip extension. To prevent tiring yourself out from one simple variation, it’s suggested to mix up the types of medicine ball throws you’re incorporating into your fitness regime.
Knee Hugs
This exercise is fantastic for practicing maintaining your posture throughout a swing as it will force you to keep your back straight and lift your knees up to your chest while activating your glutes. You can stand up or sit down depending on your comfort level.
By incorporating a mixture of these 9 workouts into your fitness routine, you can improve mobility, strength and overall performance while also feeling healthier. It’s important to give yourself rest days in between workouts, and to understand your limits before completing any high-impact exercises. Do these three to five times a week and you’ll be sure to notice an improved golf swing and better game.