Introducing Our New Partnership with OSKA

Oska® Wellness Teams Up with Arizona Golf Association to Promote the Revolutionary Oska Pulse
The Arizona Golf Association (AGA) is the official governing body of amateur golf in Arizona
CARLSBAD, CA, May 30, 2017 – Oska Wellness, a technology company committed to developing innovative consumer health and wellness products, is partnering with the Arizona Golf Association to promote Oska Pulse, a breakthrough wearable electromagnetic field device that eases pain. The AGA is comprised of more than 400 clubs and 75,000 members.

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“I used the Oska Pulse both prior to and after my hip surgery last year,” said Ed Gowan, Executive Director of the AGA. “We’re always interested in bringing new products and options to Arizona Golf members. If they can use Oska Pulse to play one more round, then we’re all for recommending it to our community.”
Oska Pulse is a safe, easy-to-use, wearable health technology product designed to help reduce muscle stiffness, temporarily relieve minor pain and increase mobility for people who have acute or chronic pain.

“I met Ed Gowan in 2010 while in the golf industry and am delighted to forge an official relationship with the Arizona Golf Association,” said Steve Collins, COO of Oska Wellness. “The AGA shares our mission for new ways to provide non-invasive, drug-free pain management solutions. Many golfers have told us that they’ve had to cut back on playing due to elbow, hip, wrist, knee, back pain and more. Those who have used Oska Pulse now view the device as just as important to managing their aches and pains as a putter or a driver is to his or her game.”
The Arizona Golf Association was founded in 1923 as a small group of golfers who got together to run the annual Amateur Championship. The AGA is a volunteer-based organization directed by amateur golfers, dedicated to promoting the game of golf, and providing valuable benefits and services to its members.
During the PGA Merchandise Show in January, Oska Wellness introduced Oska Pulse, a hands-free device that employs safe Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapeutic technology to help people enjoy more active, pain-free and drug-free lives. Subsequently, Oska Pulse was named “best in show” by top golf publications, including Golf Digest.

About Oska Wellness
Oska, Inc. is committed to developing health and wellness technology-driven products that assist individuals in living a more active, pain-free lifestyle. Oska Pulse utilizes patented eTec Pulse Technology that specifically optimizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapeutic technology, similar to the PEMF therapies used in many clinical applications for accelerating the body’s ability to heal itself. The science and technology behind Oska Pulse was engineered and developed by a team of respected scientists and researchers with more than 25 years of experience in engineering health and wellness technologies to treat pain. Oska Wellness, Inc. does not claim the product to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition. The company is headquartered in Carlsbad, California and can be found online at









How Oska Pulse Works and What to Expect

Optimized PEMF Oska Pulse delivers optimized PEMF at frequencies that promote capillary dilation, muscle ease, and pain reduction. Relieves pain Oska Pulse can help dilate blood vessels, which may reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and release the body’s natural endorphins. Promotes recovery Oska Pulse helps break the cycle of inflammation and pain by activating a cell-specific negative feedback loop that promotes joint and muscle recovery.
Recommended usage When you start using the Oska Pulse, for the first 90 days follow this guide where possible and practical for you.

Who Can Benefit?

Oska Pulse uses eTec™ signal therapy—four frequencies of optimized PEMF designed to address the major joints most susceptible to injury or degenerative issues. It’s ideal for everyday aches and pains, as well as persistent issues, including:
Back pain: Muscle ache, Shooting or stabbing Pain, Pain that radiates down the leg, Limited flexibility or range of motion of the back Knee pain: Pain, Inflammation, Swelling, Joint stiffness Muscle and joint pain: Pain, Persistent aches, Swelling, Limited range of motion, Redness InflammationOther conditions: Menstrual cramps, Sciatica, Plantar fasciitis, Tennis elbow, Carpal tunnel

History of Magnetic Healing

“The use of pulsed electromagnetic fields is safe and effective as a treatment for a variety of health issues. it has been successfully used to heal fractures, alleviate mental depression, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, and ease chronic pain and inflammation that is such a common problem in today’s society. with more and more people seeking non- pharmacological alternatives that are safe and effective, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy holds great promise.”- Kathy E Davis, PhD, RN
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