Tee Talk Tuesday with Brian Baumgartner

Brian Baumgartner, best known as playing the role of Kevin Malone in the TV series The Office, is an American actor, director and golfer. 

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Q & A:
1. How long have you been playing golf? 
I’ve been playing for about 3 weeks now
2. What is the best course you have ever played?
I LOVE Shadow Creek in Las Vegas, Torrey Pines, and Edgewood in Tahoe. I’ve played alot in those 3 weeks, thats all I’ve been doing.  
3. If you could pick one place to play that you haven’t played already, where would that be?
If I could pick one place to play it would probably be Augusta National. 
4. At Augusta National, would you rather play really good golf but with a boring foursome or play terrible golf with a fun foursome?
Best golf with the worst forsome…but only at Augusta 
5. What would your dream foursome be, dead or alive?
Jeez, you know what, I would say that I already golfed with an awesome foursome and that was with Michale Jordan, Aaron Rodgers, Dwight Freeney- that was a great foursome.