Tee Talk Tuesday with Andre Roberts

Andre Roberts is an American football wide receiver and return specialist. Native of South Carolina, Columbia, Roberts has played for the Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions and Atlantic Falcons. 

Career Highligts 

Q & A:
How long have you been playing golf?
I have been playing for probably 4 years. 
What/ who got you interested and started in golf?
Actually, Jay Feely introduced me and I kinda got hooked just like he did. There’s something about getting that little white ball into that little hole. 
What would you say your favorite part and least favorite part of golf is?
My favorite part would be the two hole-in-ones that I have had, one being at a Whisper Rock. My least favorite part would be slow play. I like to play golf in 3 1/2 to 4 hours. 

Twitter: @AndreRoberts
Instagram: @andre_robert12