High Heat Driver

THE “K” IN DEAN KNUTH’S name isn’t silent, and neither is his High Heat driver. The ball explodes off the face and travels straight and far—even on decidedly off-center hits. How can you tell? The mark on the High Heat’s patented mirror face allows you to see exactly where impact occurred. Even when the mark appears near the heel, hosel, sole or toe, there’s a good chance the ball will be in the fairway.
The experts haven’t been silent, either. After experiencing the High Heat’s consistent drives at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, low and high handicap players, including members of the persnickety golf media, could not contain their enthusiasm. Most volubly, Gary Van Sickle of Sports Illustrated called it the show’s “most significant technological innovation…a game-changer for amateur golfers.”
No stranger to changing the game, Knuth invented the USGA Course and Slope Rating Systems during his 16 years as a senior director of the organization. Also retired from the U.S. Navy, where he developed classified defense solutions that remain in use today, Knuth brought his wide-ranging technical knowledge to the development of a driver that would significantly improve the play of amateur golfers. His 13 years of work have resulted in multiple U.S. Patents for driver inventions. High Heat takes advantage of his two most significant patents: the Optimal CG Game Changer and Fire Zone Face.

The former places the High Heat’s center of gravity (CG) 25 percent deeper and 18 percent lower than that of the average driver produced by the major brands. This lower, deeper CG produces an almost 25 percent greater MOI (moment of inertia) that results in greater forgiveness. Shots hit below the center of the face -a common problem- get added lift and fly as far as those hit on the center.
Knuth Golf’s Fire Zone Face Technology combines seven different zones of variable thickness, including patented; lobes at the top of the toe and heel of the face. This increases the spring-like effect across the entire sweet spot zone and also enhances accuracy. Empirical evidence comes from a test report from Golf Laboratories, the world leading independent testing facility, when simulating swing parameters of non-tour golfers, the Knuth High Heat driver was longer, straighter and more forgiving than any other driver.
The beautiful blue High Heat naturally conforms to USGA Rules. Try it for yourself. Numerous low to high male and female handicap golfers, including board members of amateur state golf associations and amateur Golf Hall of Fame did and rave about its performance. I too purchased this amazing driver for my bag because it performs as advertised.
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Article By: Jon Rizzi