2016 Year in Review

Updegraff Award: Jerry Mahanke

The Updegraff Award is given annually to a person who, “By his or her actions and accomplishments exemplify the Spirit of the Game.” Jerry Mahanke has been a familiar face around the Arizona Golf Association since he arrived in Arizona in the late 90’s and joined the course rating team. One of his early mentors was fellow Updegraff winner Warren Simmons. Jerry recently reflected that he felt so welcomed into the group that he decided to stay – and he’s been a part of the AGA family ever since. To say he’s done it all is an understatement. He’s been a tournament organizer, a rules official and a course rater. He served on the AGA Executive Committee from 2005 through 2008, served a term as Treasurer, sat on the Finance Committee, chaired the Member Services Committee, helped with the implementation of the very popular Senior Series and provided invaluable insights on how to train volunteers and show our appreciation for all they do.
However, volunteering alone does not make an Updegraff Award candidate. It’s all about one’s attitude and the way they treat others that exemplifies the “spirit of the game”. When we ask others about Jerry, we hear the terms loyal, kind, reliable, always has a positive attitude, is part of the solution, puts others first, treats people with respect, Those are the attributes that define this award.
There are abundant examples of this; the assistance he provides finding fellow DC Ranch members to help be spotters and scorers at any event they host for the associations; his commitment to attend all of the Club Team Championships and qualifiers when he was chairman of the Member Services Committee; his kindness to AGA staff members and fellow volunteers; his gentle but persistent manner when he wants to accomplish something that he believes in….the list goes on.
And let’s not forget about his sense of humor. In his early adult years, Jerry loved to clown around (he still does). You see, Jerry was one of the original “Bozo” the clown characters. In the late 50’s, he spent 90 minutes a day with 50 kids, five days a week – no script, no teleprompters. I guess that would explain his remarkable ability to manage the “kids” at the AGA. Nothing phases him – his demeanor never changes. He’s everyone’s best friend.
Doc Graves Volunteer of the Year: Tim Hulscher 
Each year the staff of the AGA honors an individual (other than an Executive Committee member) who most exemplifies volunteerism through his or her commitment of time and effort to the association. In 2010 this award was named after Robert Graves, a long-time AGA volunteer who exemplifies the selfless contributions of time and dedication to serving golf in Arizona.
Tim Hulscher is a self-described “golf-nut”. Ever since he was a child, Tim has had an interest in the game of golf. He first learned to play at the age of 12. In high school he played for the Aberdeen High School team that went to the State Championship in 1985 and continued his playing career at Grays Harbor Community College. His interest in the Rules of Golf started simultaneously with his playing career, learning many of the basics from a book his father had: The Illustrated Rules of Golf and The Etiquette of the Game (1919).
In 2013, Tim volunteered at his first JGAA tournament and later that same year started volunteering with the AGA. Since then, he has been a dependable asset to the AGA Tournament Department. He received the Junior Golf Association of Arizona’s Volunteer of the Year Award in 2015. Tim volunteered more than 50 days during AGA administered events in 2016!
Over the past four years, volunteering as a Rules Official has become Tim’s main pastime. He’s worked tournaments for the JGAA, AJGA, US Kids, AWGA, USGA, NCAA, NJCAA, E-Golf, PGA Q-school and the Cactus Tour. Tim has scored a perfect 100 on the PGA/USGA Rules of Golf Exam twice, (99 & 98 his other two attempts) but admits he still has a lot to learn. These days, Tim is expanding his knowledge of golf course set-up and getting involved with golf off the course. He joined the USGA Junior Amateur Committee in 2016 and is a recently elected member of the AGA Executive Committee. A very special thank you to Tim for sharing his time and knowledge tournament after tournament and we look forward to many more years to come.
Honorary Captain of AGA Rules Committee: Roger Waterer
The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers established the first Rules of Golf in 1744. These thirteen rules have formed the basis for the Game. Until 1891, when the R&A became the source for the Rules of Golf, each club appointed an honorary Captain to administer the rules, oversee the club’s competitions, and settle all game disputes.
In honor of this tradition and thanks to the generosity of AGA member Charlie Horn, the AGA recognizes Roger Waterer for his many years of service to the Association and its Championships, for his passion and dedication to the principles of the Rules of Golf, and most particularly for his avowed love of The Game.
Player of the Year: Bryan Hoops
Bryan Hoops had a phenomenal 2016 season earning him the top honor of the AGA Player of the Year in 2016. Bryan is annually among the top players in the state of Arizona with his consistent high level of play. Bryan proved his ability by winning the AZ Mid-Amateur Championship and was invited to play on the Goldwater Cup Team, AZ/UT Shootout Team and played in the USGA State Team Championship. Bryan represented the AGA and finished top 5 in the Compeanatos Internacional Invitational in Lima, Peru.
AZ Mid-Amateur Championship Open Division Players Cup Points Leader (2,214) T2 – USGA Men’s State Team Championship T4 – AGA Players Cup Championship 4th – Short Course Championship Qualifier – US Mid-Amateur
Masters Player of the Year: Bryan Hoops
Following up on his outstanding Open division campaign, Bryan dominated the Masters Division in 2016. Winning both divisional majors, the AZ Senior Match Play and Stroke Play Championships, along with finishing first on the points list with a margin of 1,429 points, earned him the top honor for the Masters Division.
AZ Senior Stroke Play Championship WinnerAZ Senior Match Play Championship Masters Players Cup Points Leader (3,314)
Senior Player of the Year: Jeff New
Jeff New not only had an exceptional season within his Senior Division but also in the Open Division. Jeff won the AZ Senior Match Play Championship at Ocotillo then followed that up with a round of 32 showing in the 91st AZ Amateur Championship, a field that starts at 144 players. Jeff was also selected to be a member of the Goldwater Cup and Southwest Teams. A solid performance for the 2016 season placed him 5th on the points list.
AZ Senior Match Play T3Players Cup ChampionshipSenior Division 5thSenior Players Cup Points (1,230) Round of 32 in the Arizona Amateur Championship 15th -AZ Publinks Championship
Legends Player of the Year: Dave Rasley

Dave Rasley is force to be reckoned within the Legends Division. Winning the Player of the Year honor for the third time in 2016, previous kachinas were taken home in 2013 and 2015. He was the Players Cup points leader in the Legends Division with 850 more points than the closest competitor. Winning the AZ Senior Stroke Play and the Legends Division of the Southern Amateur earned Rasley his third kachina.
AZ Senior Stroke Play Championship Winner Southern AmateurLegends Division Winner AZ Four-Ball Championship – Legends Division Legends Division Players Cup Points Leader 2ndPlayers Cup Championship – Legends Division
Mayfair Award: Mason Andersen

Mason satisfied the eligibility requirements for the Mayfair Award by posting 19 rounds from the following tournaments: AZ Publinks Championship San Tan Amateur AZ Stroke Play Championship US Open Qualifier US Amateur Qualifier
Mason has committed to play on the ASU Golf team next year.