Improve Your Health and Your Game

Arizona Golf Association & CERULEAN Advanced Fitness and Wellness have partnered to deliver performance, wellness and recovery packages for golf athletes of all ages & skill-levels. With a unique approach focusing on cellular level health and conditioning, these packages were developed to focus on the (5) major problems that golfers face with regular play:

Back Pain
Knee Pain
Tendinitis- Foot, Ankle, Elbow & Shoulder
Rotator Cuff Injury/Bursitis
Strategic application of:

Whole Body & Localized Arctic Cryotherapy 
Sport Recovery Compression 
Cellular Repair Therapy 

focuses on reducing inflammation throughout the body, which leads to increased flexibility/range of motion, allowing the person to PLAY MORE ROUNDS WITH LESS PAIN!!!
These benefits are not limited to the fitness realm, and extend to general health and wellness, including improved circulation, better cellular health and decreased risk of many conditions associated with the aging process.
CERULEAN will not only allow an athlete to perform better with less pain, but can also extend the longevity of a golfer’s playing career.
Golf Monthly Recovery Membership (unlimited sessions on a one per day basis)
(1) month $399 (3) month commitment: $349/month
Golf Weekly Recovery Package:
$149 (unlimited sessions on a one per day basis)

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