USGA: Golfer Engagement

USGA Vision
“Together, the USGA and State and Regional Golf Associations (SRGAs) have an opportunity to redefine our operating model to create a modern, sustainable ecosystem, transforming the delivery of our services, better engaging all golfers, driving value for our clubs, and creating a healthier game at all levels.”
A New Engagement Model
This new way of engaging with golfers is a multi-year transition with various elements that will evolve over the next several years. Learn more.
The Opportunity
Our work has identified five primary obstacles and corresponding opportunities to enable a healthy ecosystem; together these help to define a new operating model.
All Golfers, One Goal
The message will focus on sustaining our relationship with core golfers, engaging casual golfers and growing a relationship with those who don’t yet play the game.
USGA Strategic Partner
As announced in January 2016, the USGA and Deloitte began a multi-year partnership focused on strategy and golfer engagement.